We Have MLS’s 2008 Superliga Participants (Right?)

So…unless I’m misremembering, the Major League Soccer (MLS) teams with the top four regular season records will represent the league in 2008’s  Superliga tournament.  And, a quick look at the current standings, combined with not only the gap in points but the current form of the relevant teams, says the following four teams will represent MLS…in  every sense of that word:

DC United, Houston Dynamo, Chivas USA, New England Revolution

Well, OK, that’s two repeat performers – Houston and DC – both of whom showed really well in both Superliga and the earlier CONCACAF Champions’ Cup.  Both seem strong and stable as this year ends, so that’s to the good.

How ’bout the other two?  Chivas looks great right now and I think they’ll carry over pretty well to next season as well.  But New England?  That’s where I get nervous.  They’ve got some players to whom another year might not be so kind; on the other hand, they’ve got players who could benefit from another year or two as pros (too bad there’s no kind of “carbon-cap swap” equivalent for player experience).  Could be worse, I suppose.  We could have wrong-way FC Dallas limping to a fourth-place finish.
Eh, whatever happens, the Superliga was a hoot.  So long as we get that Primera/MLS final, I don’t care how they stack up right now or which MLS team reaches the final.  Down the road, however….

My Crank Hab…er, “Today’s Best”: RSL’s Terrible(y Late) Power!

Right.  Because I’m as easy and dependent as – oh, choose your metaphor; a blind, armless crack whore hooked up to a feeding tube – I’m getting back to plugging things I like.  Only this time, it’s only one “rock” per day – something I’ll title “Today’s Best.”

And, after all that self-abuse, here is “Today’s Best”:

Since everyone else has flagged DC United’s upcoming participation in the Copa Sudamericana (ah…so that’s why they’re playing Guadalajara at this tricky point in the season)(whoops, here’s a primer on the Copa by Steve Goff, a list of the field (found in Goff’s primer), and – gasp! – TV listings), I thought I’d flag a fascinating little statistic I found in Steve Davis’ ever-brilliant weekly survey of (hot) Major League Soccer action.  That statistic:

 “FYI: Jason Kreis’ team is 3-2-2 since a close loss at Chivas USA in late August.”

Well, no shit.  Patsies no more, eh?  I’d be nervous if I were Colorado…

And I plugged the Copa ’cause, apparently, I was one of many people who had no idea this was happening.

Post YOUR Power Rankings (Below)

As with last week, anyone wanting to post Major League Soccer (MLS) power rankings of their own should do so here; you can either chuck in a link to where you would regularly post them or just spool them out directly into the comments field.  Because I roll all the rankings into the collective power rankings, I need all entries in by, oh, 9 a.m. (PST) Thursday morning.

MLS Week 25 Power Rankings – The Haiku Edition

By way of trying something unusual this week, I’ll tackle this week’s rankings haiku style.

As always, last week’s ranking appears in parentheses after this week’s ranking and, in a new(-ish) twist, current points (drawn from the ever-helpful standings) and each team’s upcoming game(s) are listed as well.

1. (1) DC United (50 points)
Valiant fighters; stand firmly amid strong winds; too many long days?
(Translation: When they don’t win, they tie; the last four points came hard; what’s next? Toronto? Oh, never mind.)
In Week 26: Toronto FC (WTF?!), 9/29

2. (2) Chivas USA (47 pts.)
Sleeping in triumph; Wizard slain with flashing sword; will sleep continue?
(Translation: Dang, they phoned it in last week, but won by a stroke of brilliance; was the lazy game a sign of something endemic? Tough game this weekend.)
In Week 26: Chicago Fire, 9/29

3. (3) New England Revolution (46 pts.)
Small rival lashed out; tangling the oak in long vines; blond reaper wields axe.
(Translation: Loss the Red Bull kept the Revs in the back; thank god they’ve got Twellman or they’d slip down into the thick of things.)
In Week 26: Colorado Rapids, 9/29 Continue reading