Down 3-0 and things look done…

70 minutes in – Hope Solo not in net, Boxx ejected, no momentum, and Bri Scurry not the keeper Ryan expected when he chose her over Solo to man the nets against Brazil in the WWC Semifinal match-up. Hell of a way to go out and you got to almost jump on board and agree with the Brazilian coach Marcellus who said, “This is NOT a time to make a change” when asked about the Scurry for Solo switch.

One question:

WHY F*** WITH WHAT WORKS IN THE PRESENT? – not this 14-0 bullshit against Brazil in the past. Why put a cold goalkeeper in net…period? Somebody enlighten me – that decision coupled with Boxx’s bogus ejection. I don’t care how the USWNT players played it off, but that kind of personnel decision makes or breaks a squad. Please – goalkeepers, coaches, enlighten me…cause I have a hard time thinking that Ryan’s choice cost the USA the World Cup.


One Response

  1. I didn’t see a minute of this game, so need to ask someone (anyone) who did: to what extent was Scurry a factor in goal? Are we talking handing Greg Ryan his walking papers bad?

    The reports I have read mention Scurry’s play – and not in a flattering light. At the same time, none have explicitly laid the loss at her feet. So, yeah, I guess I’m curious.

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