La Liga Para Todos Oct 1st—Da plane..da plane.

Real Madrid got a new plane today, and showed it off for all the world to see. I just think that it is utterly hystarical that on the front of today, this was the top story. Really? A new plane? Some clubs don’t even have a bus, let alone a plane. You think Real Murcía hops on their plane and gets off in Barcelona for their game? Hell no, they are taking a bus baby, just like the rest of the world. The plane is called ‘La saeta’ which means ‘arrow’ or ‘dart’. It should also mean ‘lots of money’.
Ronaldinho is ready to get back into action and will show what he is worth on the field. He has been criticized as of late, by pretty much everyone out there, but was backed by former Barça coach Johan Cruyff who said he shouldn’t be rushed back into the lineup and should be slowly incorporated back in. The brazilian said that he will respond on the pitch. In the article, he also addressed the issue of supposed late night partying to which he replied ‘I go out the same now as I did two years ago.’ Thanks for that info Roni. With teeth like that, you better go out at night.

According to the Daily Mail, Riquelme may be swept up by Eriksson’s Manchester Citea in the January transfer window for a cool 8 million Euros. I talked about Riquelme earlier and his stay with Boca Juniors and his return to Argentina. It is hard to say whether or not the Daily Mail actually knows what they are talking about, but who knows. Eriksson’s swept up everyone else under the sun this season, why not Riquelme, God knows that he isn’t going to play at Villareal anymore.


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