The Tuesday Morning High-5

And bringing you a hopefully new and reoccuring segment, The daily morning High-5

1.)  They still love Ronaldinho in Sport today, but will he actually make is return today against against Stuttgart, that remains to be seen.  My question is with Henry, Eto’o (once he is healthy) will there actually be room for the Brazilian at the Camp Nou, and how much would it take to sell him off??? The price could be right this summer.

2.)  Sevilla may play tonight against Slavia Prague in a stadium with empty seats, something not seen in Nervión in quite sometime.  I guess the fans are not happy with the way Sevilla has been playing of late, but that doesn’t ever stop me from going to a game.  Come on, I root for the Buffalo Bills, and I still go to every homegame.

3.)  Phil Ball anoits Leo Messi as the next coming of Christ.  Honestly, I don’t think he is over exaggerating.

4.)  News and notes on all of the Champions League games today for the Spanish sides.

5.)   Some may say that two of the best players in La Liga are Leo Messi and Sergio ‘El Kun’ Agüero.  Both Argentinian, but Agüero says that he is at the same level as Leo Messi, seriously. I don’t think you are there yet kid, but give yourself some time.


One Response

  1. if barcelona needs to get rid of ronaldinho, the timbers will pay AT LEAST $10,000 for him. but no promises that he’ll start. we have to make sure he looks good in green.

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