Daily Sweeper, 10.3: Copa Losses, Cup Finals, LA Rising

Yes, it’s back.  Yes, I’m weak.  What can I say?  My feature ideas are like zombies.

– In the wake of DC United’s loss last night in the Copa Sudamericana, The DCenters compiled a list of off-the-shelf coping mechanisms to help with yet another loss to a Mexican club…the same damn one, in fact.  Other commentaries – and they’re pretty sharp – look at the state of U.S.-Mexico relations at the club level (Sideline Views and FanNation).

– Writing for ESPN, Steve Davis tries to make official the idea that Denilson stands proudly as the first Total DP* Bust.  (* for the untutored, “DP” = Designated Player.)  It has been said before, but this is ESPN, people.

– Damn it all, but the Stars [May Yet] Align; Nick Green explains.  Let’s just say if LA makes the playoffs, I’ll be surly for a month.  If LA wins MLS Cup, I’ll attend the next MLS Competition Committee in person and conduct a sit-down/no-bathing strike till MLS brings sanity to the playoff format.


3 Responses

  1. Denilson could drop a deuce at midfield, and I’d still consider Reyna the bigger DP bust.

  2. Fair enough. In Reyna’s defense, though, he had a game or two – and, sadly, it was literally that – where he just above the defense and managed the transition into attack. He was pretty useful there…or he kept Red Bull defenders from humping the ball up the field or out-of-bounds like they did in the previous few games.

    Still, in simple conceptual terms, seeing a holding midfielder (or whatever the hell people want to call Reyna these days) as a DP wasn’t the brightest idea. And I count myself a fan of Claudio.

  3. Let me know when that Competition Committee meeting is and I’d be right there with you.

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