Post YOUR MLS Power Rankings

Whoops.  A day late on this.

This is a call for all comers to post, or link to, their Major League Soccer power rankings.


2 Responses

  1. 1. DC United – While the 4-1 score against TFC make strike some people as dominating, I think it reveals a lot more about DC’s lack of depth. Their first half attempt at rotation (I assume in prep for Copa) resulted in a 1-0 lead for TFC. Only in the second half, when they subbed back in the 3 players they were resting (no I don’t remember exactly who but they were usual starters) did they turn up the heat. At least now they dont have to worry about Copa.

    2. Houston – Despite Rico’s justified assault on el fish, the Dynamo soundly annihilated Dallas at home to show exactly who is the best in Texas ( and no I dont mean Dodge trucks).

    3. NE – Not a real impressive game but still got the win out on a still ailing Colorado.

    4. Chivas – Where did all the fans come from? Sounds like Club America USA (wait a second…) would be a better name for these guys. It’s looking more and more like the last game of the season is going to be very important for the West.

    5. Chicago – If they draw again it will prove that they belong with the top. But will the lack of points keep them in the playoffs? Who knows.

    6. New York – A sad display against RSL has them still waiting for the playoff clinch.

    7. Dallas – Getting trounced at home and losing your best scorer for at least 2 games compounds the already existing problems that lie deep in this Dallas team.

    8. Los Angeles – Three wins in a row (2 aways) is an impressive feat for a team that everyone had ruled out, red cards or not. They won’t continue against Houston in Houston, but maybe it wont crush their spirit for the following games.

    9. Kansas City – It will be hard to recover from that game but at least DC tired. Theyll probably make the playoffs, even if they arent better then the galaxy.

    10. RSL – This week they showed that they can still rob teams of 2 points but not much else.

    11. Columbus – Ugly loss to LA has left Columbus with 3 games against some of the best. Not looking good.

    12. Colorado – Better schedule then Columbus but not playing as well.

    13. Toronto – Another loss despite a strong showing against DC’s 2nd team.

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