The Most Evil Team in MLS History: An Informal Poll

Apropos to a stray comment in the playoff post below, I’m taking votes for the most evil team in Major League Soccer (MLS) history.  My candidate was the MLS Cup-winning 2005 Los Angeles Galaxy, the unofficial poster-boys in most campaigns against the current playoff format.  I base that call on the frequency with which that specific team is condemned.

There is only one ground rule for this poll: I’m after year-specific teams only, so no posting “The RedBullStars, every year” – though I have no way of stopping you from doing so…and it’s not like I’ll delete  the post either.

So, let ‘er rip.  I posted this one because I really couldn’t think of any other team.


2 Responses

  1. It pains me so much to say this, because I adore them so, but:

    2004 DC United

    Dema Kovalenko, Ben Olsen, Alecko Eskandarian, Mike Petke, and an even younger hard-headed Josh Gros.

    Now, upon second thought, I wouldn’t call them the “Most Evil,” but rather, “Most Painfully Crafty.”

  2. tough decision between the 04 United and the 05 Galaxy…probably have to go with LA though, Landon was a big time bitch that season.

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