Daily Sweeper, 10.8: Why the Supporters’ Shield Isn’t a Cup and More

May as well lead with something needling…

– Why are we lucky the Supporters’ Shield is a shield as opposed to a cup?  Because we’d realize it was empty if it were a cup.  At least two pundits made the point today (or yesterday) that more eyes are on the chase for the final playoff spot than are following the race for the Supporters’ Shield.  Dan Loney was one of them, even if he made the point by way of making another, but Daryl from The Offside laid it out in the lead:

“…no one in MLS is really sweating about who wins the Supporters Shield. If they were, they’d be sweating on a very tight race where DC United lead Chivas by 3 points and Chivas have a game in hand… Instead, with two or three games to go (depending on your team) everyone’s looking at 8th place. Because squeaky bum time in MLS is all about the race for sixth from bottom.”

Whether or not you take the Supporters’ Shield personally isn’t all that relevant because the teams don’t seem to.  As Kyle McCarthy points out in his Week 27 wrap for Goal.com, it may be true that Chivas USA was missing one of its first-choice forwards due to suspension (Maykel Galindo), but that didn’t stop them from fielding the other.  Why didn’t they?  To rest them up for the playoffs, of course. As much as I’d like the regular season to feel like something other than eternal and unsatisfying foreplay, it’s not gonna  happen.  We’re Americans and we do playoffs; it’s not more complicated than that, really.  My conditioning is so total that I don’t even think about the Supporters’ Shield, really.  And that is what it is…at least till the league comes to its senses…which may never happen.

– Hey, hey, FC Rocky reports that the Colorado Rapids are repeat Cham-peens, runaway even…in the reserve league.  Why that success doesn’t transfer up to the first-team probably bears investigating…

– Finally, Andrea Canales posted a pair of absolutely marvelous posts about some things Abby Wambach chose to imply in a public appearance in (I think) Rochester.  The first declares the delusion about the Greg Ryan/Hope Solo saga total and the second is short, sharp magic.  Good stuff, AC.

MLS: Week of Good, Week of Evil and the Schedule Ahead

The part of Week 27 that mattered ended with Los Angeles rolling to another win (psst…Colorado beat Toronto…no, I don’t care either).  That damnable pack of revenants keeps shuffling and scratching on some unholy quest to, once again, mock the regular season.  If a simple demonstration of the stupidity of it all WAS the mission, I could get behind it.  But we all know it’s a simple selfish quest for undeserved glory and, seeing as we’re dealing with the undead, probably brains.  I keep telling these fucking twits, the head!  Shoot for the goddamn head!  That’s the only way to bring them down.

I didn’t see that game, in any case…stupid Telefutura…only reminds me of my linguistic limitations…

No, I witnessed other games – among them, an indirect, rear-guard sally to stave off the walking dead (maybe the plan is to corral them into a valley and raze it with fire; hadn’t considered that).  Even with my love for New England returning to its steady psychotic girlfriend/controlling boyfriend state, too much good comes from the Chicago Fire’s win over them for me to care.  On the downside, other teams just might take note of the way, first, Chad Barrett, then Cuauhtemoc Blanco kept finding space wide of the Revs’ back three; a better player than Barrett, or one less tanked than Blanco, could have helped that 2-1 win into a bloody rout, but Barrett was good enough for man of the match honors and the blows landed all the same.  Even allowing for fatigue and acknowledging a hard-fought game from both sides, if I had to face one of them just now, it would be New England. Continue reading