MLS: Week of Good, Week of Evil and the Schedule Ahead

The part of Week 27 that mattered ended with Los Angeles rolling to another win (psst…Colorado beat Toronto…no, I don’t care either).  That damnable pack of revenants keeps shuffling and scratching on some unholy quest to, once again, mock the regular season.  If a simple demonstration of the stupidity of it all WAS the mission, I could get behind it.  But we all know it’s a simple selfish quest for undeserved glory and, seeing as we’re dealing with the undead, probably brains.  I keep telling these fucking twits, the head!  Shoot for the goddamn head!  That’s the only way to bring them down.

I didn’t see that game, in any case…stupid Telefutura…only reminds me of my linguistic limitations…

No, I witnessed other games – among them, an indirect, rear-guard sally to stave off the walking dead (maybe the plan is to corral them into a valley and raze it with fire; hadn’t considered that).  Even with my love for New England returning to its steady psychotic girlfriend/controlling boyfriend state, too much good comes from the Chicago Fire’s win over them for me to care.  On the downside, other teams just might take note of the way, first, Chad Barrett, then Cuauhtemoc Blanco kept finding space wide of the Revs’ back three; a better player than Barrett, or one less tanked than Blanco, could have helped that 2-1 win into a bloody rout, but Barrett was good enough for man of the match honors and the blows landed all the same.  Even allowing for fatigue and acknowledging a hard-fought game from both sides, if I had to face one of them just now, it would be New England.

In the other game, I witnessed what surely must be the end to Columbus’ post-season dream.  The Crew played a good one – Robbie Rogers, especially, who I had never seen so sharp – but they could find neither the resolve nor second goal to finish it.  Even so, they cut through the Dallas defense again and again, only to find Ray Burse lodged in goal like some kind of hard, stubborn bone.  From there, the offense did the rest: Abe Thompson’s simply broke Columbus’ defense, surely at its wits’ end after carrying that punch-shy offense through a wearying season; and Arturo Alvarez continues to build a reputation as one of the league’s best at unsettling a defense.  None of this makes Dallas a contender – better shooters will take a crack at Burse (or Sala, though why would you switch?) – which makes any good that comes to them feel a little empty.  But it’s harder still to say the Crew has a foundation on which to build for next season.

That was what I saw of the week behind.  The rest came to me through highlights and simple box scores.  The road ahead is another week shorter and just one more team clinched a post-season placement: the underwhelming FC Dallas.  Even if time is short, there’s everything from seeding to the Supporters’ Shield to play for.  So, let’s look at that road with one eye on the standings for context and the other on the key below:

Chicago Fire: CF
Chivas USA: CUSA
Colorado Rapids: CR
Columbus Crew: Crew
DC United: DCU
FC Dallas: FCD
Houston Dynamo: HD
Kansas City Wizards: KC
Los Angeles Galaxy: LA
New England Revolution: NE
Red Bull New York: RBNY
Real Salt Lake: RSL
Toronto FC: TFC

Right…now, here goes:

Chicago Fire (2 games)
@ DCU (10/13); LA (10/21)
A Couple Pennies: These cats are all up in my good side after opening a bigger gap between them and LA.  I am aware, for the record, of the inconsistency of praying for one lousy team to beat another into the playoffs; I can’t justify this beyond saying I just hate LA more.  In any case, this team is making me believe in coaching; Osorio looks wicked smart right now.

Chivas USA (3 games)
@ FCD (10/11); CR (10/14); HD (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: The highlights for this weekend’s win over RSL points to the edge one gets from just that little bit of class: both sides fought, but Chivas has that class and RSL doesn’t.  The Goats look to have woken up from that short walk in the wilderness.

Colorado Rapids (2 games)
@CUSA (10/14); RSL (10/20)
A Couple Pennies:
A PK win over Toronto – at home.  I think that’s the best they have to offer.

Columbus Crew (2 games)
@ NE (10/13); @ DC (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: The heartbreak kids finally succumb: even if Chicago drops their next two, Columbus doesn’t have it in them to take advantage.  So it’s next year.  Is it a new coach?

DC United (2 games)
CF (10/13); Crew (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: People better situated can search for signs of a post CopaSud funk, but, from a distance, this looks like a deserved week off.  They should be good for four points, but will want six with Chivas chasing them for the Supporters’ Shield.

FC Dallas (2 games)
CUSA (10/11); KC (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: Is Dallas the least threatening team in the playoffs?  It depends: is Clarence Goodson injured?  (Don’t know; haven’t read a thing.)  If so, yes.

Houston Dynamo (3 games)
@ RSL (10/15); @ CUSA (10/20)

A Couple Pennies: You pieces of shit.  A draw was all the Forces of Light required of you.  You don’t deserve the FC Dallas Express to the conference semis.

Kansas City Wizards (2 games)
@ RBNY (10/13); @ FCD (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: Just one win to safety….and, look, here comes Dallas!  I kid, I kid.  They do just need one little win, however, to guarantee the post-season.  With two road games to go, the Wizards become a team to watch.

Los Angeles (3 games)
TFC (10/13); RBNY (10/18); @ CF (10/21)
A Couple Pennies: TFC=warm brains on a tray.  That’s just fuel for these monsters, it only whets their appetite.  Again, through the fucking head, people!

New England Revolution (2 games)
Crew (10/13); @ TFC (10/22)
A Couple Pennies: Even comfortably in the post-season with and an ego-booster to end the season, the Revs don’t have a meaningful shot at the Supporters’ Shield.  They generally do a lousy impression of a contender.

Red Bull New York (2 games)
KC (10/13); @ LA (10/18)
A Couple Pennies: This Saturday (“aturday, urday, day”), the War of the Mediocrities!  The fight for 6th and 7th place in Major League Soccer’s POST-SEASON BASH! OH YEAH!!  In all seriousness, does it matter what happens with KC and RBNY?  I mean beyond them just reaching the post-season?  Chicago looks like the bigger threat.

Real Salt Lake (2 games)
HD (10/15); @ CR (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: So much pride and just that little bit of talent missing.  Maybe this time can only thrive absent hope and possibility?

Toronto FC (2 games)
@ LA (10/13); NE (10/20)
A Couple Pennies: I just read Toronto scheduled a friendly with the Portland Timbers in late October (see 2nd “glance” here).  Great.  Another USL team comes to town…we get that all summer, man.

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