Frank Rijkaard heading to Chelsea?

The Telegraph in the UK, which is about as reliable as my foot, had an article today linking Frank Rijkaard as the next in line to coach Chelsea.

As I thought about it today, it doesn’t sound that far away from the truth. Rijkaard has had a bit of success at Barcelona in the last couple of years, but did not bring home any trophies last season. And in the world of soccer, the quote about managers is ‘What have you done for me lately??’

Barcelona are playing exceptionally well this season, and are going to give Real Madrid a run for their money in La Liga. This makes me second guess Rijkaard’s departure to England next season. Hell, Rijkaard was even ‘rumored’ to be in line to take over the US MNT job before Bob Bradley, which made me laugh.

Rikaard also may be pushed to head to the land of fish and chips with Henk Ten Cate looking to sign with the blues this week after being give permission to talk to Chelsea from Ajax. Ten Cate was Rijkaard’s assistant at Barcelona for three years, one of with was the Barcelona’s Champions League title.

What do you think?


One Response

  1. No way Frank goes to Chelski. He’s got the loose wallet that he needs at Barca, with I would argue, a much better personnel infrastructure as well. Not only is Abromovich getting stingy with the loot, but name the last or next great prospect at Stamford Bridge.

    A sound if not simple argument can be made that he’s also in a better situation with regard to a relations with the front office. He would never be the center of attention like Mourinho, but there’s no guarantee that would be enough to keep Roman settled. Abramovich just fired a guy who won the league twice in three years, made it out of the group stages of the CL each year, and one minor trophies each year. Not to mention that Chelski would most likely have won the league if not for Cech’s injury last year. There’s been plenty of talk that the lack of style employed by Mourinho also got him the axe, does anyone think that it is Rijkaards style that makes Barcelona play the way they do. I believe it is the personel. Lampard is no Deco, and Sheva was never the stylish forward that Ronnie, Messi, and Eto’o (maybe Eto’o) are. Does Rijkaard want to go to London to be less appreciated and treated like a dog? Barca have everything a football manager would want save reasonable expectations.
    I just don’t think that it would be worth it.

    Furthermore, does the EPL suit his style?

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