Post YOUR Power Rankings

Dang me.  I keep forgetting to post these things.

If you want to post Major League Soccer (MLS) power rankings of your very own (or just chuck in a link to them), feel free to do so in the comments below.  I’ll then roll them into this week’s collective rankings (which will look a lot like last week’s – only Dallas should be a little higher, KC a little lower, etc.).

The more people contribute, the better.


3 Responses

  1. 1. DC United – It must be lonely at the top.

    2. Chivas USA – With 2 of 3 remaining against conference rivals, will Chivas maintain dominance? Round 1 on Thursday (Thank you ESPN HD)

    3. Houston – If it werent for the myriad of missed chances and the ref giving the game away to LA (umm red card for Tudela anyone?(for example)), Houston could have won. Alas, 30k fans proved to be too daunting a crowd for the home team to step up. Shame.. Also, no Ching = wtf? Now further away from West Conference and SS contention, they just need to get in control and hand Chivas a loss at home as a prelude to the inevitable post season meeting.

    4. Chicago – Give it up for the Fire. While the playoffs are still out of reach, I easily put them at no. 4, even if they dont make it in.

    5. New England – With hungriest team in the league out of the way, the Revs have two games to break the funk in time for the playoffs.

    6. Los Angeles – Another road win for the underdog. I think they must be feeding off the large crowds and lack of Becks. Why doesnt Glinton start again? Hes easily their most dangerous player. Now the question is, when Becks plays, will he ruin team chemistry the way Denilson has?

    7. FC Dallas – Didnt think they had it in them, especially without el fish flopping on the ground. Maybe they too can put these new comers back in their place (aka Chivas).

    8. Kansas City – Almoooostt there. But honestly, I think most people want them to choke so both LA and Chicago will make the post season exciting.

    9. NY – Doesnt seem right to rate them this low, but then they did lose to TFC.

    10. RSL – They played well against Chivas but cant seem to stay consistent enough to break into the middle pack.

    11. Columbus – With all the lousy play by Dallas lately, they still couldnt hold onto the lead.

    12. Colorado – Basically need to beat Chivas if they have any hopes of the post season. Will it happen? One can hope.

    13. TFC – A win over NY followed by a loss to Colorado keeps them firmly at the bottom of the power rankings.

  2. I’m back for this one. Personal responsibilities had me sit out last week. It’s a good thing too… my notes were vicious.

    1. D.C. United: So… come here often?

    2. Chivas USA: Scored three goals without the help of Razov or Galindo away from home. Alright, it was against RSL, but Cunliffe and Merlin look like they can hold their own.

    3. Houston: Not the result they were looking for at home against LA. The loss of Ricardo Clark is going to hurt, but I don’t think it will eliminate them from contender status like some may think.

    4. New England: Didn’t really get the most objective view of them this weekend, but…

    5. Chicago: …I don’t really think Chicago is good enough to be in the top four. Both teams (NE and Chicago) play a similar 3-5-2, but if you break it down, Chicago is weaker in the goalkeeper position (Reis over Pickens) and the front line (most especially in the finishing and decision making department).

    6. FC Dallas: Underrated players Abe Thompson and Arturo Alvarez proved their worth this weekend. The game against Columbus came at a very convenient time. Maybe they’ll get some momentum towards the post season.

    7. New York: The loss to Toronto was like… oh man, so many analogies. Let’s just say that it was less than flattering.

    8. Los Angeles: Can they run the table? They’ll probably knock off Toronto and maybe New York, but Chicago will be the real test. For the record, I see a draw against New York where the dream will die.

    9. Kansas City: A win and they’re in. What could go wrong? Done deal, right? Right?

    10. Real Salt Lake: Gave Chivas USA quite a battle at home. I see good things for this team next season and it’s no secret that I’ve been impressed with what Coach Kreis has done thus far.

    11. Colorado: Got a win against Toronto to stay alive for one more week. It’s good for them that they got a win, but a win against Toronto isn’t anything to brag about. Unless you’re New York, apparently.

    12. Columbus: Ugh. What a mess. It seemed like so long ago when they had a firm grip on the last playoff spot. Now they’re back to another easy three points for the opposition. I almost feel bad.

    13. Toronto FC: Yay! The home fans got to see two goals and a win! Good for you guys. Too bad you couldn’t carry the momentum against the game in Colorado. Hey guys, do me a favour. Play the game of your lives against Los Angeles. Everyone outside of LA wants to see you guys win (most especially in Chicago).

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