DS, 10.17: Before the Post-Season*; Chicago Could Be Better; Chivas Ain’t Dead Yet

I have to post the Daily Sweeper early, so’s I can go into hiding from the soccer world, thus leaving open the possibility of watching the U.S. v. Switzerland on tape-delay.

* I have some kind of psychological resistance/distaste for the word “playoffs.”

Moving on…

– Though I’m posting MLSnet.com’s useful enumeration of the varying alternate realities-to-be that will define who makes the 2007 post-season, I have to confess my total inability to read it to the end without going cross-eyed.  Wake me up Sunday…

– In his most recent, post-season-themed First XI, Bob Bradley snuck in a question worth considering:

6. To play? Or rest? The question of the week for D.C., New England, Dallas and New York is ‘how seriously do you take the game?’ While many would argue that those clubs should be obligated to put their best teams on the field, I’d ask ‘why?’ Why risk an injury to a player when there’s nothing you can change in the standings?”

For the record, Bradley goes on to vote they should rest their players.  I disagree with him with one exception: ‘d rest my players if I was DC.  As for the others: New England, having lost their last two, could really use a win – outright bullying Toronto would go one step better; Dallas and Red Bull need to get their shit wired on defense, Red Bull even more so given recent changes in their back line; on top of defense, Dallas could use more on-field time to get their post-Denilson offense on track.  So, yeah, I’d start my first team if I were were Steves Nicol and Morrow and Bruce Arena.

– Luis Arroyave’s Red Card reports that Ivan Guerrero and Justin Mapp won’t be available for Sunday’s game against LA.  Just think how much better Chicago could be with both those players healthy…damn.

– Luis Bueno answers the fretting about Ante Razov’s absence from Chivas USA’s starting line-up.  Laurent Merlin ain’t such a bad second banana, even if playing requires a change in approach at a less than ideal time.  I think Luis may be on to something.

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