MLS: The Collective Rankings, Final Edition: Contenders and Makeweights

As alluded to in the preamble to my most recent power rankings (link below), I think the looming end of the 2007 regular season has pushed these things to the point of irrelevance.  As such, I’m putting the Semi-Detached Pundit Collective on ice till the 2008 season.  I’d like to thank all the participants – witting and otherwise – for compiling one version, at least, of conventional wisdom on how Major League Soccer’s (MLS) 13 franchises stack up against each other.  I found compiling these educational and hope people reading them did as well.

Moving to the practical, the early posting means I’m going to miss Sports Illustrated’s rankings altogether – and the earlier than usual posting could also screw over MLS Underground (who, I think, usually have their rankings posted by now) and Fire_Juve10.  With regard to those last two, sorry to jump the gun, but between struggling to see the relevance of these, the belief that the time has come for other projects (must start cranking out seasons-in-review, must make time…), and a couple circumstances best not gone into, getting this over with seems a good idea.  And, while you’re at it, put the general malaise down to my sense that the data below won’t tell us what we actually want/need to know about MLS right now.

Here are the participants for this final pool:

Center Holds It (Me)
My Soccer Blog
Sideline Views (Luis Bueno) (Kyle McCarthy)
Fox Soccer (Keith Costigan)
ESPN (another collective)
Fullback Files
Tim (the Enchanter)

And…drumroll, please….here are the collective rankings, comments to follow:

1. DC United, 1.0 (#1 X 9; last week, #1, 1.0)
2. Houston Dynamo, 2.6 (#2 X 5; last week, #3, 3.5)
3. Chivas USA, 2.7 (#2 and 3 X 4; last week #2, 2.0)
4. New England Revolution, 4.1 (#4 X 6; last week, #4, 3.7)
5. Chicago Fire, 4.8 (#5 X 6; last week, #5, 4.9)
6. FC Dallas, 6.6 (#6 X 5; last week, #6, 6.4)
7. Red Bull New York, 6.9 (#7 X 5; last week, #7, 7.4)
8. Los Angeles Galaxy, 7.7 (#8 X 4; last week, #8, 8.1)
9. Kansas City Wizards, 9.3 (#10 X 5; last week, #9, 8.3)
10. Colorado Rapids, 9.8 (#9 and 10 X 4; last week, #10, 10.7)
11. Columbus Crew, 11.1 (#11 X 6; last week, #11, 11.0)
12. Real Salt Lake, 11.8 (#12 X 5; last week, #12, 11.1)
13. Toronto FC, 12.8 (#13 X 7; last week, #13, 13.0)

– DC’s #1, blah, blah, blah.  Seriously, who apart from DC’s fans actually want them to win the Cup?  It feels like 1997 all over again.  If, by some miracle, DC plays Colorado in the final, I’ll boycott the game.

– This isn’t to say DC hasn’t earned the top spot.  They have.

– I’d say the most interesting thing in this week’s rankings comes with the only – I mean, literally, only – change in the order from last week: Houston and Chivas flipped.  But note the numbers: 2.6 for Houston, 2.7 for Chivas.  Looks like the SDPC has high expectations for Saturday’s game (which will air on FSC).

– The last thing that bears commenting upon is the balance between contenders and makeweights.  I think the list of outright contenders ends with Chivas USA; New England has looked shaky down the stretch – and the rankings reflected as much – and Chicago is in the mix thanks in part to a couple wild-hair calls from clowns like me (I plugged ‘em in at #3).  Call those two “bubble contenders.”  No one expects much, I don’t think, from the teams south of Chicago in the rankings, albeit with LA standing as a possible “hot-team” exception.  I’d say the 1.8 gap in average between Chicago and Dallas speaks to a general perception that teams on the wrong side of that are mainly there to make up the numbers.

– Assuming LA doesn’t make it (and I think they won’t; who’s with me?!  CHARRGE!!), here’s my pick for the one team in the “makeweight” category I can see surprising anyone: FC Dallas.  Is that crazy?  Probably.  Did I just jinx them?  Again, probably.  No hard feelings, right guys?


4 Responses

  1. Yeah, I kinda got screwed out of that one. Oh well… my rankings were identical to the others with the exception of #9 Colorado, #10 KC, #11 RSL, #12 Columbus.

    Have you thought about a podcast? I have no idea how it works, but instead of time consuming typing, you could just blurt out your thoughts and post it online.

  2. […] Jeff wrote a fantastic post today on “MLS: The Collective Rankings, Final Edition: Contenders and …”Here’s ONLY a quick extractI’d like to thank all the participants – witting and otherwise – for compiling one version, at least, of conventional wisdom on how Major League Soccer’s (MLS) 13 franchises stack up against each other. … […]

  3. Ah, Fire_Juve10, now comes the guilt…

    As for podcast, those are something I’ve only heard of; I don’t think I’ve listened to many and I’m a horrible mumbler (I’m so incomprehensible at times it’s like, literally, a separate dialect). I am improving, though, and, thanks to my kids, I received a free online speaking tutorial from iCarly. While I haven’t thought of podcasts, I have kicked around the idea of using Youtube as a vehicle for soccer rants But that’s something that has to wait on funds (long story) and figuring out that technology. But, yeah, it would be fun to approach this whole thing a little more spontaneously.

  4. […] statements” going sideways (see, “team most likely to make some noise, somewhere in here).  But, seriously, FC Dallas looks threatening as a five-year-old who isn’t the Bad Seed – […]

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