DS, 10.18: Cooling PDX Dreams?; LA v. RBNY TONITE (+ Cobi); Solo’s Apology; Odds ‘n’ Ends

– The middle section of Ian Plenderleith’s MLS News Review for USSoccerplayas.com revisits the MLS-to-Portland issue and, to be direct about it, brings out the wet blanket. I’m not criticizing – the man is entitled to his opinion and, odds are, he’s not engorged with soccer-lust for an MLS team in his hometown – but I read what looks like the same article from my local paper and came away with a glass-half-full vibe – though the emphasis belongs on the “half” part. And, in his defense, Plenderleith flagged the biggest trick – e.g. the money invovled in upgrading PGE Park, something that will be particularly hard to sell in terms of public revenues given that the city undertook renovations on the facility not all that long ago.

– As we all know – and I’m not talking about The Ankle – the LA Galaxy continues clawing out of its grave tonight when they take on a Red Bull New York side that should be more interested in going into the playoffs healthy than in keeping LA out. Previews abound, but I liked what I got from Goal.com and Martin Rogers’ preview for Yahoo! Sports as much as any of them; the passage where Rogers calls LA coach Frank Yallop “a good and decent man” particularly caught my eye…though I can’t say why.

Speaking of LA, I came across a weird passage in Andrea Canales piece for USSoccerplayas.com on LA’s (evil-infused) resurrection. Here’s that:

“’All along I’ve said in this league you need a steady team,’ said coach Frank Yallop, who maintained that he never lost faith in his players. Instead, he blamed injuries and a difficult schedule for the team’s struggles”

Only after reading that did it occur to me that LA’s (wicked, Faustian) resurrection actually coincided with said difficult schedule…so, earlier in the year then, it must have been the injuries….or they just sucked…right?

– Speaking of LA, there’s something fishy about Cobi Jones retirement – specifically, the occasional rumors that it’s not going to happen. But then you read something like this on the front “page” of Sports Illustrated’s site:

“The Galaxy are set to honor retiring star Cobi Jones on Thursday night…”

I mean, if they honor him, he has to retire…doesn’t he?

– I’ve read a lot of MLS regular-season end-game analyses lately. Hell, I’ve even written a few (well, loose interpretations of them, anyway). But I think Red Bull Rising turned in one of the best end-game posts so far.

– Speaking of great contributions to the collective mind, it’s hard to top Dan Loney’s reaction to the public apology from U.S. Women’s ‘keeper Hope Solo, which was posted on U.S. Soccer’s site.

– Finally, 3rd Degree posted one of those items for which I’m a real sucker: FC Dallas’ All-Time Top 10 Players. Just seeing Ariel Graziani’s name reminded me why I developed that soft spot for the old Dallas Burn…and he doesn’t even mention Alain Sutter (who, for the record, hardly meets the criteria for that Top 10 list).


4 Responses

  1. Hey, check this out:
    2003 US Open Cup winner: Chicago (missed playoffs in 2004)
    2004 US Open Cup winner: Kansas City (missed playoffs in 2005)
    2005 US Open Cup winner: Los Angeles (missed playoffs in 2006)
    2006 US Open Cup winner: Chicago….

    I really don’t think that winning the Open Cup has a tremendous effect on qualifying for the following season’s playoffs, but it’s quite an interesting trend nonetheless. Also, if it weren’t for the aquisitions of Blanco, Conde, and Coach Osorio, Chicago would very likely be missing out on the playoffs this year continuing the trend for the fourth consecutive year. We’ll see how New England does next season.

  2. Hey….that’s kinda cool.

  3. Picked this up from the NY Times Goal blog:
    [audio src="http://newsradio750kxl.podomatic.com/enclosure/2007-10-17T19_29_28-07_00.mp3" /]
    So, John Canzano, how do you really feel about MLS in Portland? He basically hangs up on Don Garber during a live interview after repeatedly referring to MLS as “minor league soccer” whilst ranting against public involvement in sports ventures, unless it’s hockey.

    Is there really that much public opposition to public $ involvement in sports ventures, or is this guy a regional Jim Rome wanna be?

  4. Someone emailed this to me (my apologies for not posting it). But I just kind of ignore people like Canzano – sports radio dorks in general. They remind me of guys like Idaho Senator Larry Craig and Ted Haggard. There’s something very weird about the way they simultaneously obsess over and hate soccer. I mean, I’d rather watch a blade of grass grow than a single snap of football Americano – a lot more happens with the former – but I don’t need to rage about it all the time.

    Maybe Canzano’s just one of those closet cases.

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