Expansion Galore: MLS Philly

MLS Philly has taken another a big step.

Delaware County – home of Chester, PA – has agreed to earmark $30 million dollars for a Chester Waterfront soccer-specific stadium. The funds are coming from slot revenues at Delaware County casinos. According the article, with all this put in place Jay Sugarman and crew can now present a final proposal to MLS league officials. The total cost of the project – including the commercial and residential development surrounding the new area – will exceed $300 million but nothing goes through without the firm support of the state. Ed Rendell has championed the cause and will continue to do so which could make the sell a little bit easier.

Many still think it is Seattle first, then Saint Louis – but this development puts Philly on par in terms of progress with Saint Louis Soccer United. Either way, Philly should be ready to go by 2010 at the absolute latest. Full details of the county agreement will be released this coming Monday.

Sons of Ben are continuing to gauge season ticket interest and find their way into these articles. Support like that is key and I can’t wait to see all of it come into fruition.

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