Center Holds It/Who Ate All the Cupcakes Playoff Duel!

Welcome to the first-ever (first annual?) playoff prediction contest between two blogging colossi: Center Holds It versus Who Ate All the Cupcakes.

Before getting to my picks, a review of the ground rules, prizes, punishments, and where you – yes YOU! – come in, seems appropriate. First, the rules for participation:

– Participating pundits will call every playoff game, specifically the result and final score. One point will be awarded for making the correct call (e.g. win, loss, and, in the first round, tie) and an additional point will be awarded for every entirely correct final score. (Games that end with PKs gets at the “entirely correct” clarification: a game that goes to PKs officially ends as a tie. So, in that case, “result” denotes winner of the game. If, by some miracle, a pundit guesses PKs, tie, and the ultimate winner, they’ll pick up the second point…slim reward for such top-notch prognosticatin’. We’ll call this rule subject to negotiation till the end of the first half of the first round.)
– The pundit who compiled the most points when MLS Cup ends will be the winner. All other pundits will be considered losers – and rightly so. They will be required to pay rewards and suffer punishments.
– For the two-leg first round series, predictions will be made one game at a time as opposed to making the call for the entire round. Predictions for each successive round will be game-by-game.
– Predictions will be made 6 hours before kick off.

The Reward
Each losing pundit will purchase and send to the winner a six-pack sample of the finest available beers from his/her home region. In my case, that’s the Northwestern Oregon/Southwestern Washington area (Pyramid…mmm; sadly, Pike Place beers won’t make the cut).

The Punishments:
The losing pundit(s) will:
– Be required to purchase and post a photograph of him/her wearing a shirt dumping on his/her abilities to see into the future. Ideally, this photograph will be taken in a public place – otherwise, what’s the point? We’ll be hitting up all y’all to write the slogan (more on this later)*
– Drink a fifth of MD 20/20; the specific flavor will be losing pundit’s choice. And, again, the best available photographic evidence will be produced to demonstrate compliance.

Having drained our combined creative capacities simply to create this contest, we would like to solicit readers/visitors for the slogan that will grace the loser’s (losers’) t-shirt. So, drop your ideas into the comments field and keep ‘em free of anything that could get the wearer in real trouble (e.g. overt racism and sexism won’t fly). Otherwise, let it fly!

(NOTE: It occurs to me that I can’t speak “Team Cupcakes” with regard to producing photographic evidence of compliance. In case they have anonymity to protect, I’m content to take their word for it. All the same, I’m an exhibitionist under the correct circumstances and this is one of them: if I lose, expect photos.)

Now…on to my picks for the Game 1 of the Major League Conference semifinals….listed in the order in which the games will be played, home team first.

Chicago Fire 1-0 DC United

Red Bull New York 2-2 New England Revolution

FC Dallas 0-1 Houston Dynamo

Kansas City Wizards 2-1 Chivas USA

Curiously, or perhaps not so curiously, I’m feeling the sickly sweet tickle of fruity, fortified wine on the palate…(translation: what the hell have I just got myself into?). I’m going to be watching these games with a little more intensity than usual.


15 Responses

  1. Here are my picks for team —A Tomar Por Culo Bicicleta FC

    Chicago Fire 0- DC United 2

    New York… 1 -New England 2

    FC Dallas 1 -Houston Dynamo 1

    Kansas City Wizards 2-Chivas USA 1

    (Note, the last MLS game I watched was last season, so bear with me. I swear I’ll watch it next season, honest!)

  2. Where are these Cupcakes from? I wanna know what kinda of beer I’m fighting for. I will be sending Yards and/or Victory Brewing Company.

    With all that said – I like this idea and my picks are:

    Chicago 2 – DCU 1

    New York 2 – New England 1

    FC Dallas 0 – Houston 1

    KCW 0 – Chivas USA 2

  3. is there a law for shipping alcoholic beverages over state lines? Cause if not someone in Kentucky want to get me a bottle of Everclear AKA Floor polish remover?

    mmm college days

  4. The Cupcakes are from the ATL, straight malt liquor country homie.

    Nah, Sweetwater, Terrapin, and Red Brick are my personal local favorites. I still might have to find some local malt liquor though…

    I’ll have my picks up on the site tomorrow sometime. I think the rest of the crew is planning on the same.

  5. Silverback country. Glad to hear it – don’t know much about Southeast brews.

    I think there is a law though.

  6. The law issue occurred to me last night. We may need to adjust what the winner gets. I also had to endure a vicious ribbing from my wife for the “idiocy” of shipping glass bottles via….well, I don’t know what.

    OK. Picks from this site are up. I’ll go poke around Cupcake land to see what’s happening there.

  7. My Eastern picks are up, the others will be up soon…

  8. Cupcakes picks for tonight:

    Longshoe: 1-1
    El Guero: 1-0 Chicago
    E. Charles Blanco: 2-1 D.C.

  9. And with that, game is now truly on. May the best pundit win.

  10. Damn it, I’m already losing.

    I hope the winner likes chicken wings and not those shitty ones you get a pizza hut. I’m talking real ones.

  11. I hate that El Guero guy, bastard. I hate Chicago even more. I have a bad feeling (as a DC fan) going into the second leg…

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  14. yeah i know i’m late to the party but here is what i’ve been calling for teh past week
    i’ve already been proven wrong kinda

    Chicago Fire 2-1 DC United

    Red Bull New York 2-2 New England Revolution

    FC Dallas 1-3 Houston Dynamo

    Kansas City Wizards 1-2 Chivas USA

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