Cupcakes/Center Duel: Game Day 1 Standings + Prize Change

I’m tied for first for what will probably be the one and only time.  You think I’m not going to post the score?  Are you kidding?

Before getting to that, however, I have to announce a change to the prize package.  The Man, being uptight, doesn’t allow citizens to ship alcoholic beverages across state lines; so much for the plan of rewarding the winner with sampler six-packs of regional brews.  So, we all agreed to switch things up: the winner of the Center Holds It/Who Ate All the Cupcakes Playoff-Picks Duel will instead receive some culinary delight from the losers’ regional menus.  So, again, damn The Man and let’s move on.

On another subject, I have yet to name my “team” for this Metaverse-Based Soccer Event.  Seeing as we’re going regional, I thought I’d celebrate some of Portland, Oregon’s most widespread entrepreneurs: exotic dancers (due to our free speech laws, we have lots of strippers out this way).  So I’ll roll with the Portland Pole Dancers FC.

With that, I give the Cupcakes/Center Playoff-Pick Duel Standings (all picks appear at various points in this post):

1. El Guero: 2 points

2. Portland Pole Dancers FC: 2 points

3. Breton: 1 point

4. A Tomar Por Culo Bicicleta FC (Ryan): 0 points

5. Longshoe: 0 points

6. E. Charles Blanco: 0 points

I’ll update the standings again on Sunday.


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