DS, 10.26: Stadium(s) Chatter; Chivas’ Knocks; Bad Ideas; New “Collection of Junk” Feature

Thought I’d try something new for the Friday edition. Watch for sprawl…I have no self-control.

– Stadium news trickled out today for both Houston and San Jose; for what it’s worth, I think Houston got the better news…and that wasn’t all that swell. While a Houston stadium deal seems closer than ever, with an announcement on a deal possible before the end of the year, the article also refers to a “large number of unresolved issues.” As for San Jose, it looks like they found a home for next season…a tiny, tiny, temporary home in need of buildups. A couple blogs posted pictures of the site: depending on your appetite for half-empty or half-full, you should check My Soccer Blog or WVHooligan, respectively. For all the griping I’m doing about the San Jose scene, it’s not so bad really. Small as it is, it is temporary. So, I say they just call the thing intimate and work with it.

– Chivas USA Offside had some interesting updates on the Goats’ injury situation. Some key players are training again.

– The “bad idea” refers to an item on My Soccer Blog about the USL Seattle Sounders moving to Poulsbo, Washington if a Major League Soccer (MLS) team moves into Seattle. Why is this a bad idea? Well, too few people (read: no one) lives on that side of Puget Sound and, unless the demographics have totally changed since my fairly frequent mid-1990s visits to the Olympic Peninsula, the few that do don’t like soccer. Add to that the fact that everyone in Seattle will start watching the MLS club and…well, this is just daffy.

Now for that new feature. As a Web-whore, I spend time looking at a lot of things that aren’t soccer, stuff I find funny or interesting or disgusting – runs the gamut really (though it stops at actual porn). I’ve been wanting to work this in for a while, but unobtrusively, so as to not kill the soccer-vibe. Anyway, here’s a quick round-up of some fun crap I found.

– Games are good, right? Well, enjoy the McVideo game. Essentially a vehicle for propaganda parading as a resource-management game, it’s surprisingly entertaining.

– Every time I pass on links to Youtube, I feel like an old man marveling at how quickly I’m being lapped by technology. And finding actual series on the Web really blows my mind, never mind a good one. If you’ve never watched The Guild, it’s pretty dang funny through its current three episodes. As with any series, they make a lot more sense if you watch them in order: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3.

– Any Doctor Who fans out there? No? Me neither. Still, how can one not like the concept of a Dalek Pumpkin. And it’s timely….

– …much like the Hello Kitty AK-47.

– Finally, if you’ve never seen somegreybloke (or just the Grey Bloke), it’s a surprisingly funny, very dry animated short. The video below shows him talking about finding religion on the Web, but my favorite one is titled “What You Can Find on the Internet.” It’s worth seeing if you’re not squeamish about, y’know, dirty sex stuff. Anyway, enjoy. And have a good weekend. Big games are on.


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  1. poulsbo would be horrible, poulsbo sucks. if we get an mls team we shouldn’t be greedy and try to keep the sounders, even if it’d kill an awesome three-way cascadia rivalry

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