Coming Soon: LA’s Pan-Pacific Preseason Tourney

Thanks to the guy(s) at The Offside Rules, I got wind of what looks like it will be an annual pre-season tournament featuring clubs from Australia’s A-League, Japan’s J-League, and Major League Soccer (MLS).  (Side-note to the editors at The Offside Rules: if you change your mind and decide to begin a career as a drug mule, could I trouble you to pick me up a little somethin’, somethin’.  Preferably not something that has been up your, or anyone else’s, ass.  Yeah, I know that’s tricky, but I’ll pay.)

(DISCLAIMER: Of course I’m not really requesting drugs over the internets.  Just thought I’d make that clear to all past and future attorneys general.)

Getting back to that tournament, the article on it reports that MLS will underwrite the event – which can only mean that the Los Angeles Galaxy gets an automatic annual bid.  Nice.  Hopefully, they won’t suck in future.  Everyone else has to qualify, however, the Japanese team by winning something called the Nabisco Cup (nope, don’t know what it is; and, with all due respect to Japanese fans, I can’t say I care either), while the A-League and MLS invitees will be champions of their respective leagues.

So…combine this with the pre-season tournament that the New England Revolution should really make out of their annual sojourn to Bermuda – y’know, invite a couple more teams, etc. – add that to Puerto Rico’s preseason tourney, add others as needed till every MLS team has a semi-official event they can attend for preseason warm-ups and – Presto! – we have a shorter off-season.  Everyone’s happy.  Well, they’re happy so long as someone puts these things on TV where non-Hawaiians, non-Bermudans, and non-Puerto Ricans can see them then everyone’s happy.  (I’m at least a year away from easy traveling, so TV will have to do in the meantime.)

Alternately, MLS and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) could run the U.S. Open Cup as a preseason tournament with the semifinal series happening in one happening and warm location and that could work as well.


7 Responses

  1. Nabisco Cup is like their USOC, except the whole country is aware of it and 40,000+ attend the final.

  2. I thank you.

  3. Wait a sec. Do I understand that the MLS Cup champs are at this thing? Doesn’t this conflict with the CONCACAF Champions Cup? And what’s the deal with LAG getting a permanent invite? Shouldn’t they qualify?

  4. Whoa. Nice catch. I didn’t even think of that. Perhaps this Pan-Pacific thing will run earlier than CONCACAF Champs’ Cup, which could help get our reps (or at least one of them) reach fitness.

  5. How long does a twelve team tourney from start to finish? Without doing any research at all it seems that it would take the better part of two or three weeks.

  6. I presume, J-FIve, that you’re either referring to my proposal to have the Open Cup play before MLS’s season or the timing for the CONCACAF thingy (very great tournament, for the record). Based on some half-assed mental work on how to handle qualifying for the Open Cup, a one-stop pre-season tournament would admittedly make for a scheduling nightmare; I’d actually prefer they run the quarterfinals through the final over a single span, much like an expanded version of the NCAA current championship format.

    If you’re referring to the CONCACAF thing – which, the more I think about it, the more I suspect you are – that’s probably tricky as well. When did the “CONC-Champs” happen this year? Was it really in February? Given that we’re working with international teams, making this Pan-Pacific thing work could really be hell. But, yeah, any format but single elimination (which would be a little awkward with 12 teams) and you’re asking for wheezing players to pick up injuries in that kind of grind.

    My god. Fixture congestion in the MLS off-season: I never thought I’d see the day…

  7. […] have something of a test on club side of the equation during this spring’s newly announced Pan-Pacific tournament, which will include two MLS clubs – the LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo – plus one from […]

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