La Liga Para Todos–I’m Back, Schuster’s comments, Kanouté and llorón

Hey all, did you miss me?

It’s been an absolute mess with me the last couple of weeks with school, but since I’ve got a few minutes to spare daily now, I’ll play Jesus and bring ‘La Liga Para Todos’ back from the dead, and maybe even the Morning Hi-5, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Without further adu, let’s get to it.

—Say it isn’t so Freddy, say it isn’t so. Freddy Kanouté’s agent came out in the English press today saying that there is a possibility that Kanouté could return to Tottenham come season’s end, especially if Berbatov says goodbye to Spurs. This is going to be the fallout from Juande Ramos leaving. Not that Sevilla go into a shell and cannot win but rather that Juande is going to come in and swoop all of Sevilla’s players up and bring them to the promised land. This could be an expensive move for Tottenham as Kanouté is inked with Sevilla until 2012 and will need to be bought out of his contract with Sevilla.

—Bernrd Schuster gets the quote of the week after the Sevilla -Real Madrid game. Schuster was less than happy with the referee in the encounter and made his feelings known after the match. When talking to reporters, Schuster asked

‘Where is the ref from?’

The reporter replies. ‘Catalonia’

Then Schuster replies with the classy statement.

There’s nothing more that has to be said. (No hace falta decir nada mas)

What a classy statement by Schuster. Really. Oh yeah, it turns out that referee Alfonso Álvarez Izquierdo is an Espanyol fan, and not a Barça fan. I watched the game, and yes, it was a bit rough of a game for the referee, but to throw the ref under the bus is uncalled for. Between Schuster and Sir Alex Ferguson, managers are all about tearing the refs a new one lately, a trend that I feel needs to stop.

–Spanish teams in the Champions League…Valencia lost 2-0 to Rosenborg in the Champions League nullifying the debut of new manager Ronald Koeman. I didn’t see the game but my friend Cesar at the offside gave a review of what he saw. Valencia may have problems that a manager change cannot solve. Their defense is ragged and in need of a change. Real Madrid drew 0-0 with Olympiakos. I was able to catch the last few minutes of the game and from what I’ve read, Madrid just didn’t have it today and could very well be reeling from the loss to Sevilla on Saturday.

And the last note, inspired by Sevilla’s beating of Real Madrid.


It feels good to be back. As always, comment away.

Also, if anyone wants to see anything in La Liga covered specifically, let me know. I can do the translating and follow the league on the forums, etc, so make sure to let me know!!!

Palabra del Día

Don’t think I forgot about this. Today’s word is

llorón crybaby, whiner (comes from verb llorar-to cry)

Joder tio, Schuster es un llorón.


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