Revs Advance + The Great Chicago Mystery

Well, to the sound of much gnashing of teeth and almost paralyzing consternation from across Major League Soccer’s (MLS’s) other teams, the New England Revolution has advanced to the third consecutive MLS Cup Final.  But I’ll get to that tomorrow.  And, yes, unlike – oh, 90, 95% of you – I’m pleased to see the Revs advance.

For now, I want to address something unusual about tonight’s game.  In most soccer matches there are four posts, specifically, the two posts holding up the crossbar for each of the two goals.  Tonight, there were five posts.  Your fifth post: Paulo Wanchope.

Why the hell did Wanchope play the full 90?

More tomorrow.


5 Responses

  1. Wanchope shouldn’t have been on the field at all.

  2. Agreed. Did he play in either of the DC games? I thought they finally realized he was worthless at the end of the regular season.

  3. Seriously. I think that Osorio has done a great job since he was hired, but playing Wanchope a full 90 last night was a poor decision. He should have stuck with the line up from the second DC game or at least replaced Wanchope with Carr at the half.

  4. […] add up, nor did introducing Calen Carr with only minutes remaining. But, to return to something I commented on last night, the biggest problem came in the personnel department: starting Wanchope can be excused, […]

  5. Uh, because he’s an awesome player, duh.

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