Sacking Managers During the Transfer Window?

Juande Ramos to Tottenham

Ronald Koeman to Valencia

These are just two managers that have left their clubs this season to take on a new managing job elsewhere.  Today, Sepp Blatter came out and spoke his mind on possibly restricting the sacking/moving of managers to transfer windows, just like normal players.

Before you say this is a bad/good idea, you should know there are two sides to this story.

The first side is managers who are sacked by their club.   Last night on Fox Football Fone In, Steven and Nick were polling callers on if they thought managers were given enough time at their clubs to prove themselves.  I believe the final result was right around 50/50. Yes, some managers sit around in their club and should be sacked (most say Martin Jol is guilty of this) but in other clubs, a manager has two consecutive losses, and he is sacked straight away.  That is simply unacceptable.  Managers should be given time to adjust to a new club and given time in the beginning of a new season.

The other side of the story deals with managers like Ramos and Koeman, who leave their clubs midseason and take on a new responsibility elsewhere.  I think this is completely wrong.  When managers up and leave their clubs, it causes unecessary strain on the players and the club in general.  Ramos stated that he wouldn’t leave the club until the end of the season, but we obviously saw what happened with that.  Sevilla fans were angry with Ramos for his leaving the club, but now that the veil has lifted Sevilla are playing their best football of the year.

Contracts now a days aren’t even worth the paper that they are printed on.  You get excited about a manager signing at your club for 5 years, then after 1 year, another club buys out his contract and he is gone.  This is seen more with regards to players, but the new trend is moving over to the managing side of soccer.

The decision isn’t very black and white.  You could say that managers cannot leave clubs, but clubs can sack managers.  If that is the case, then what would happen if a club sacked their manager, but couldn’t sign anyone since no one can really leave their club?  If this happens, clubs would be much more hesitant to sack their managers.

Obviously this doesn’t hold with managers of national sides, as McLaren still needs to go!

So in the end, is there a good answer??


3 Responses

  1. I think the answer is for the clubs to do what they always do, completely ignore Sepp Blatter. Why on Earth would you put this restriction on clubs? How does this serve the fans and the long term goal of winning? Clubs should be able to fire a manager or any other member of the support staf at any time. They owe this to their fans to put the best possible team on the field and support that team at all times the best way they can. If teams feel that the way this has to be done is firing the manager, well then, away the guy goes. As someone just said (Bum Phillips?) there are only two kinds of coaches, those that have been fired and those that are going to be fired.

    These are not amateur or college teams, they are pros and in the pros, winning is the ONLY thing that matters. Managers know the lay of the land and what happens to them should come as no surprise to any of them. Timiing of firings may be surprising, but the fact of firings should surprise no one.

  2. Listen: I would love to work for FIFA. Why? The Alps (grander than the Grand Tetons(!), the Great Game (not referencing Kipling) and the great drugs at the office.

    Yep, the drugs might even be worth a full blown relapse. For those that know me- kidding, kidding. But seriously, what is Sepp smoking? I’m all for LSD used for traumatic therapy resolution and other Euro-progressive/innovatives methods of approaching problems. Entropy prevention means thinking well outside of the box.

    But out of the box doesn’t mean whacked restrictive measures that handcuff the game. Remember in college when we- as counter revolutionaries- talked about our capitalistic pig daddies as we lived on beer and pretzels wearing faded blue jeans (bought by daddy) and expensive liberal arts paid for by, you guessed it. We were full of it.

    We grew up. Instead of growing up, I should have become Havelenge’s yes man so I could Peter Pan it in unreality like Sepp. Or maybe Sepp is a sort of soccer anarchist- he hates the game or just simply introduces chaos for the heck of it. Kind of like the Ramones satirically spitting at the music industry. Perhaps it’s just an adolescent attention getting ploy.

    Dunno. Despite iditotic attempts at explany, I just don’t know. I agree with Marty. Fingers in ears- LA la laaaaaaa!

    PS. Been out of town- then Halloween, then birthdays. In regards to my disproven/discredited remarks about arguments against relegation/promotion in the US- I was full of it. Way too impassioned language. I could argue the effects typing with a few fingers, my two yr old boy being pissed off I was trying to type instead of playing dinosaurs, or lack of caffeine that morning with little sleep (a constant). All would be true but would detract: I was full of it.

    To clarify, though the arguments against HAVE NOT been disproven/discredited, neither have the arguments FOR. The developmental history of other sports in the US has been regurgitated over and over as the proof that relegation will not work. In essence, this has been, “See, other sports did not develop this way; therefore, relegation CANNOT BE!”

    That’s the point I wanted to make but had problems turning this into words.

    BTW, Jeff. Some of my hometown footy clan are so impressed with your thoughtful, provocative site, we are thinking about starting our own blog. Not that we would stop contributing here, we just have too damn much to say and argue about.

    I read a great many soccer sites- some zany, some minimalist (2 sentences then a link to someone elses’ article?), others just plain silly. Yours is top of the heap. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    Good weekend all- enjoy the game!

  3. Yes, Sepp Blatter does smoke a lot of drugs.

    Thanks for the compliments about the site, let us know when you start out and we’ll give you a shout out!


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