Where Seattle Meets Barcelona

Everyone is flagging the Seattle MLS announcement, so, seeing as you’ve all seen/heard this before, I thought I’d play up the aspect that most appeals to me: the fan ownership thing, in which fans buy shares of the club. Drew Carey handled the announcement and, assuming he’s playing it straight (and we wouldn’t he?), fans who own a chunk of the club get to vote fer or agin’ the team president. That’s kinda neat, as I see it. More significantly, that kind of talk flies like one of those birds that migrates super-fucking-far on annual basis – e.g. very, very well indeed – in the Pacific Northwest. We pitch “progressive tents” at every opportunity in this neck of the woods.

Anyway, you can find a video clip of the announcement on GOALSeattle.com.

One last thing: somewhere during Drew Carey’s entrance, someone in the background blurts out “Say Portland sucks,” which kind of makes me titter given my comment on what I view as an entirely shared progressive culture in both cities. Having lived in both cities for 5+ years, I don’t see a whole lot separating them generally, which may explain the bitterness of the rivalry (certainly much more so than the half-silly, yet frequent references to a “rivalry that goes back to NASL days.” Yeah, it did…but with a 20-freakin’-year hiatus; just admit the hate is natural and stop trying to dress it up). At any rate, the Timbers Blog responds in kind…at least with the graphic that tops his post.

I can’t pretend I’m part of that scrum, of course. Hell, I may be living in Seattle in a couple months for reasons that none of you (should) care about (no, it’s not because an MLS team set down roots there; 1) I’m still holding out hope for a Portland team; 2) do you seriously think a married father of two can make his wife move for that?). In any case, I pack my weird brand of soccer whorishness wherever I go.

Whoops. One last, last thing: is it true, as reported by MLS Rumors, that Seattle’s MLS team won’t be the Sounders? Was this mentioned at the announcement? If so, how do Seattle fans feel about this one?

Let’s see…MLS Cup…at…9 a.m.!?!

The above just came over the transom and, of course, only applies to the Pacific Time broadcast. And all I can think is, how can a decent man drink whiskey beginning at 8 a.m. (c’mon…I gotta warm up)?

Then again, the same source just clued me in to the 6 a.m. PST kick-off for the U.S. v. South Africa. All I can say is, thank god that one’s a friendly.

Revs v. Dynamo: First Preview of Four (on the Way to Brainwashing); The ‘Keepers

I’m putting the Daily Sweeper on hiatus for the remainder of this, Championship Weekend, in order to truly obsess over the upcoming MLS Cup Final. Said obsession includes plans to not only dissect the teams to the point of creating a bloody mess, but also to:

1) convince myself that the New England Revolution can, in fact, win the game.
2) push myself into a game-time frenzy powerful enough to scare my children.

Now, the obvious sub-text of #1 is that I expect the Houston Dynamo will leave RFK’s cold/soggy/cold-soggy field as the 2007 Champions of Major League Soccer (MLS). (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FORMAL PREDICTION AND IN NO WAY REPRESENTS MY WAGER FOR THE FINAL INSTALLMENT OF THE CENTER HOLDS IT/WHO ATE ALL THE CUPCAKES PLAYOFF PICK DUEL.) Perhaps all those caps aren’t necessary, though, since the text of #1 clearly points to an intention to arrange my mental space and, hence, my wagering around a New England Revolution win…I’m just not sure I’m ever going to get there.

Anyway, getting back to the plans for the weak, I plan to build the week’s posts around a four-day breakdown of components from both teams that will face each other on the field – e.g. the Dynamo defense versus the Revolution’s offense; the Revolution’s defense against the Dynamo’s offense, etc. Today will begin with a very brief, gut-reaction overview of the match-up, followed by an equally brief analysis of the on-field, essentially indirect positional showdown between the ‘keepers. One last thing: I invite anyone out there to drop their thoughts on the match up – whatever they happen to be and whether they’re on topic or not – into the comments. I’m especially looking for the insights of “interested parties” – here, I’m thinking of Martek and Jimmy Chowda.

That said, here come my two cents: Continue reading

EPL Daily 11.13: Boss under fire; Anichebe’s dilemma; Buying your own soccer team

Steve McLaren’s future is in the balance with the homestretch of Euro qualifying rapidly approaching and a largely controversial friendly with Austria awaiting this Friday. The under-fire English boss has called it a good tune-up before Croatia as well as another game for the summoned Beckham and Ashley Cole who haven’t played too much recently for club or country. Those calling for McLaren’s firing and even staunch supporters are debating the quality of this friendly…Look at the simplicity of it, the friendly is primarily a way for the English national team – coaching staff included – to take their mind off the fact that Russia – with a win over Isreal this coming Saturday – could effectively knock out England and its’ expected return to Euro competition.

Everton young’un Victor Anichebe has a Guiseppe Rossi choice to make. The 19-year old striker was born in Lagos, Nigeria but moved to England at the age of one. It seems though that 18 years in England and a strong arguement from Stuart Pearce was still not enough to persuade Anichebe to commit to England. Instead, he was called up for Nigeria to take on Australia in an international friendly. He has been called up before – but never saw time. The quest for playing time will hit no snags this time as Nigeria coach Berti Vogts plans to start the Toffee duo of Yakubu and Anichebe this Saturday night.

All those hoping to one day own a piece of their own soccer team – your hopes might come into fruition with MyFootballClub – a collection of 20,000 members paid 35 pounds each to provide themselves with enough cash to take over Ebbsfleet United – a Conference squad looking for a financial injection. Read on here.

Anton Ferdinand…………….and a bar fight?