Dai…er, Weekly Sweeper, 11.16: Things That Are Wrong + MacGyver Lives in Africa

Maybe this would be better as a weekly feature…while I’m pondering that, here’s the most interesting stuff I saw in this, the final week of 2007.

– Apart from sharing his memories from MLS Cups past, Ives Galarcep reported today that we can expect to see Fernando Clavijo back at the helm for the Colorado Rapids in 2008. This is the thing that is wrong…well, one of them. COLORADO RAPIDS FANS: Boycott this team, cancel season tickets, etc. And when you do, call the front office to tell them exactly why you’re doing so. Contempt doesn’t have to be a one-way street.

– Turning to the other wrong thing, tucked into a Seattle Times primer on MLS arriving in Seattle is more talk of the United Soccer Leagues (USL) letting a second-division Seattle Sounders carry on…in Poulsbo, Washington. While a bad idea on a number of levels, it poses additional problems for Portland Timbers fans. To which team will they direct their unconditional hatred, the MLS Seattle team or the weird transplant USL-1 incarnation they’ll play week in and out? It ain’t right, I tells ya.

– Luis Arroyave confirms my suspicions about the parties around MLS Cup. It’s the dude party stuff I’m referring to.

– With the expansion draft coming next Wednesday (right?), a few sites (including this one) have kicked around notions about which players from their team they would release and expose. WVHooligan goes the extra mile and plays the game with all 13 teams. This is a two-parter: Eastern Conference and Western Conference. This is a pretty good way to start getting your head around this stuff.

– Inching as we are toward the time when we’ll all start looking back on the 2007 season, I thought I’d flag a good one in case anyone missed. It’s going to be tough to top Who Ate All the Cupcakes 2007-in-review post. Let’s hope it’s not their last.

– Finally, before getting to the run of random crap with which I like to close my Fridays, enjoy this beauty goal kick from some random indoor game.

Now…on with the crap!

– As my title says, it looks like MacGyver lives in Africa…and he seems to have changed his name. Seriously. The link comes from a site called Afrigadget.

– I remember hearing about the American Express Centurion Card, the so-called “black card” way back when. Someone’s talking about it again.

– I don’t know how many of you are following the writer’s strike, but, if you’re feeling confused, one of the writers from the Daily Show made a video that explains it really well.

– The best ever online shopping page. Touch the blue cup in the upper right hand corner. (HT: b3ta.com)

– When I was in high school, I had a lot of hicks for friends…and I use the word “hick” with ample affection for describing the guys who worked on cars for fun and for hours. Seeing things like this gets me all nostalgic.

9 words that don’t mean what you think (the layout is pretty clever on this one…well, for dudes).

48 Laws of Power, aka. 48 habits of mind that will confirm your total and complete asshole-ism.

– Orangina: how could a drink that good air such a creepy and unpalatable ad? I guess this is wrong too.

– This one is making the rounds and small wonder – it’s pretty clever. Actually, College Humor puts out quite a bit of good stuff. Anyway, in case you haven’t seen it, it’s a fake pilot for 24 (the show) made in 1994.

– Finally, this is funny. Or I find it funny, at least. Hysterical actually. Seeing people flip out ranks right after people falling or getting hit in my World of Funny. The original is weirdly funny as well.

Right. Have a good weekend; enjoy the U.S. v. South Africa and MLS Cup. I’ll probably post on both over the weekend.

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