What’s Yer Off-Season Methadone?

I’m asking because I’m trying to figure it out myself.  My original plan was to follow the Mexican Primera, an interest stoked by CONCACAF Champions Cup play and the SuperLiga…know the enemy and all that.  And that’s in spite of the fact that hearing Spanish spoken on TV makes me fall asleep…kind of like NPR…I don’t understand it either.

Then again, I don’t have the channel set up to follow the Mexican league well.  My cable package only provides for Telemundo and Univision and, if I’m understanding things correctly, those two channels only have the rights to specific teams; for example, I think Univision gets to broadcast UNAM and (maybe) Toluca.  Well, what if I don’t like those two teams?  It’s all very confusing to my slow mind (Calling Luis Bueno!  Calling Luis Bueno!  Help me sort out this business.)

Try as I might, I just can’t get excited about the English Premier League.  It’s the whole thing with will it be Arsenal,  Man U, or Chelsea?  (Liverpool?  Ha!  They’ll tank.)  Um…the rest of  you need not apply.  I could try to get riled about America in England FC (Fulham) avoiding the drop…see how that goes, I guess.  There’s the Champions League as well; that’s usually fun, even if I have to watch the things tape-delayed (where are we in that tournament, by the way?).

There’s the upcoming NCAA tournament – worth watching for those future MLS stars (as well as the guys who skip town when they realize that a developmental contract means living on pork ‘n’ beans) – but that’s just a short weekend.

So, yeah, I’m curious as to what people out there are going to do over MLS’s off-season.  For all I know, I may be moving….which could mean a new cable package.  And I’ll learn Spanish one day, I swear.  It’s right there on the to-do list next to inventing something totally killer or making the world’s catchiest jingle.  Maybe I won’t fall asleep if I know what they’re saying…

Anyway, how are people out there coping with the off-season?


8 Responses

  1. Dude, you should give the Mexican league a shot. Check out this primer write up I did for them on my blog:

    I think you get most of the matches on basic cable (depending on where you live). I know I do.

  2. God bless you, Mr. Baker. That’s where I’m leaning, in spite of my Spanish-inspired narcolepsy. I’ll check out the primer and get edumucated!

  3. That’s an unfortunate attitude you have about the EPL, which could be applied to most leagues actually. It’s about the journey, not the destination. You may as well have blogged just the MLS playoffs (I’m glad you didn’t!), which imho is damaged until we go to a single table and/or give away-goals added weight so the first round isn’t an attack-at-home-defend-away snooze-fest. Back on topic, I also enjoyed exposure to the Primera via the SuperLiga and am curious. @MrBaker nice article!

  4. yeah! Let me know what you think. The games start tonight.

  5. No one in their right mind would celebrate MLS’s playoff format (defend? Well, I have seen it done – and pretty competently). At the same time, I don’t think we need to go single table and don’t think it will ever happen besides, but the format could definitely do with simplification and some other tweaks. That said, I prefer single-table conceptually – it’s more honest – and the “journey” part of it is just fine. The problem for me comes with the predictability, with seeing the same teams win it year after year.

    Given that, I suspect I’d enjoy the relegation battle more – which is just another way of saying I understand how a Derby fan gets his/her kicks, but not a Tottenham fan; watching a mid-table team strikes me as hell (yeah, playing for Europe…it’s not enough for me). Now that my affair with Liverpool is dead (it was good while it lasted), that’s where I see the appeal.

    It’s nothing against the EPL as its organized. It has more to do with the (severe) financial imbalances between the teams.

  6. Watch the Spanish La Liga on Goll TV with Ray Hudson as commentator. Watching him describe a Barcelona game is about as close to soccer heaven as you can get.

  7. Follow me and my mighty Sevilla as we take on the Champions league and La Liga this season..as always!!

    Que Viva Sevilla!

  8. Sevilla and Villareal are playing beautiful soccer too! Its great to watch them play. It is just incredible to watch either of them play Barcelona, the best soccer in the world to watch!

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