Jozy Altidore Making Headlines in Spain

During my daily morning troll of the Spanish newspapers, I was more than surprised to see Jozy Altidore gracing the front page and in the ‘top story’ spot of, with the headling ‘Jozy is thrilled with Madrid’s interest’

The article goes into how Madrid could have a spot for Altidore and how talked to Richard Motzkin yesterday. Motzkin had this to say about Altidore’s feelings on the whole thing.

“Para Jozy que el Real Madrid quiera ficharle es un auténtico honor. Lo es ya el hecho de que un club tan grande se fije en él. Jozy está muy feliz porque el Real Madrid muestre interés en él. Sabemos todas las informaciones que se han publicado. Ya veremos qué sucede, pero él está muy ilusionado. Es lógico”.

For Jozy, it’s an authentic honor that Real Madrid wants to sign him. It’s the fact that such a big club is looking at him. Jozy is really happy because Real Madrid have shown interest in him. We know all the information that they have published. We’ll see what happens, but he is really excited. It’s normal.

That would be quite a signing for Altidore to come to Real Madrid, one of the biggest clubs in the world. It would take him a while to break the first team I would imagine, but his exposure to international football, to a possible La Liga championship, and to the Champions League, would make all the difference in the world for him. Madrid is also a large, international city, with plenty of Americans and foreigners to make him feel at home. It’s not as if he is living in some backwards Spanish town like I lived in.

The one downside about being a Madridista is that they enjoy bringing in talent and then sometimes wasting it away, like Soldado, who had a great season last year, but who has seen no playing time this season.

I don’t want to see Jozy go to Madrid and sit on the bench and not even to get a shot. But would that be better than playing in the MLS? Some might say yes.