Sevilla Peña in America—Associación Sevillista Puerta de America


My good friend Rafa over at American Section/Brigada Americana has just informed me that our Sevilla Peña in the United States has been approved!!! This is the ONLY Sevilla Peña in the United States.

We are known as the Associación Sevillista Puerta de America and now after cleaning up a few things with regards to Not-for-profit status and the like, we will be in business.

In case you don’t know what a peña is, they are established outside of the city where your football club is located, and are official ‘fan clubs’ basically. We are officially registered with Sevilla FC and will be getting news on dues and how to sign up in the coming months. Dues will be around $25 a year and will cover all sorts of things, once we figure out what they are!

I will be making the website soon and Rafa and I will be getting the ball rolling on this. If anyone is interested, and I’m sure you ARE, drop me a message in the comments, or email me at rjknapp19 –at– gmail –dot– com. And I can give you more information and sign you up for the message list.


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