Shevchenko to the MLS Rumors Resurface

The UK’s Mirror have re-opened the wound that is the Abrahomivich, Mourinho, Shevchenko rift.

Many blame the expensive Sheva blow-up as the straw that broke the camel’s back between Mourinho and Abrahamovich. Shevchenko just wants to play and right now – even with Mourinho gone – he still doesn’t. At what point is Chelsea going to cut their losses on a $60 million investment? Apparently, Sheva fears sooner rather than later. With the January transfer window fast approaching, Chelsea is ready to listen to offers, but there is one catch – Didier Drogba is leaving for a little over a month to play for Cote D’Ivoire in the African Nations Cup. Therefore, Chelsea could stick with Shevchenko – give him a month and be stuck with him the rest of the year – or bring another high-profile striker. Many are predicting Bolton’s Nicholas Anelka (whose wide-open miss against Liverpool this past Sunday was unexplainable). Either way, Sheva’s days at Stamford Bridge are numbered. 5 goals in all competitions this year won’t excite anyone, regardless of price tag.

The Mirror is reporting that the Red Bulls and the Revolution are the two teams pulling for a Shevchenko swoop, but past rumors have confirmed that D.C. United are just as likely to get in on the chase.  

At 31, is this the time that Sheva looks to make his final US career move? Or will Dynamo Kiev, AC Milan, etc. come in and snap him up for a couple years?


6 Responses

  1. While Sheva would return much of his transfer fee in terms of goals scored for a MLS team, I can’t see him being able to pay for his position (e.g., spend it like Beckham). His disappearing act in Chelsea has caused his marketing value outside of transfer and backroom coaching decision rumors to plummet within one-and-a-half seasons. This is especially true for the Revs. Kraft barely spends for his No. 1 football team, I can’t see either him or Nicol being impressed enough to cash out whatever Chelsea’s fee and Sheva’s own salary demands might be.

    NYRB – maybe only because they’re owned by the Austrian Money Store of energy drinks and he could potentially light up NY’s scene outside of soccer – international fashion, large European community, etc. Still, the attack wasn’t NYRB’s problem last year and shouldn’t be this year either with Altidore having one more year under his belt and JPA on the field. It’s the middle of the park from center mid back they need to worry about. The only way they could afford him is if the could get rid of Reyna’s contract by convincing him to drop down the salary ladder or trade him away, and he has almost no value after this season outside of sentimental Captain America feelings and continued “but if he’s healthy” what-ifs. Finally, if Osorio really does make the switch to RBNY, Reyna will stay. He is the only coach that might be willing to take one last flyer on Reyna due to his working relationship from their time at Manchester City.

    DC – not bloody likely. Veron is as good as on the team’s books from all signs. The front office is extremely financially savvy and they won’t break the bank by trading for a second DP slot, especially because their commitment to building the side through younger, league tested, cheaper Central & South American players is paying off so well.

  2. I agree with RP, foreigners will be automatically drawn to NYC for various reasons. Can you see him signing with Columbus? Not going to happen.

    I think they will bring Shevchenko over at some point, hopefully sooner than later.

  3. He would love Ohio, if only he’d give it a chance! So flat, so beautiful…

  4. I would say it ain’t gonna happen. There’s no way with the drop in the dollar vs the Euro that an MLS team is going to be able to compete with a European team to ante up the transfer fee. MAYBE the only way would be if the NYRB’s sell Altidore to Real for some serious bucks and then use those bucks to bring Shevchenko to NY.

  5. Speaking of ponying up the big bucks – when the hell is DC United gonna finalize that Veron capture? It’s been a good six months of speculation…

    But timoteo, like RP said up there – Sheva’s marketing value ain’t what it used to be. I guess we’ll have to see how much of drop that is…..

  6. The money that Chelsea gave for Shevchenko was too much 😦
    I am very disapointed…

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