Reviewing Editorial Decisions: Columbus and _____?

Rants about the Colorado Rapids, such as the one I just unspooled below, make me wonder if I shouldn’t adopt the Rapids as one of the clubs I follow for 2008.  In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not crazy.  Just very, very neurotic.

In the original post on this subject, I picked the Columbus Crew and the New-Model San Jose Earthquakes as the two clubs I’d follow.  But a wise person (see the comments) got me thinking about the idea of narratives – e.g. a way to give meaning to what I’m following outside a regular, game-by-game perspective – and, try as I might, I’m struggling to find so much as a tenuous narrative that unites those two teams beyond something like, “Would Ned Grabavoy be having a better year had he stayed in Columbus?”  (NOTE: The answer had better be yes.)

I know I’m sticking with Columbus, but the more I think about it, the more I like the vibe I’m getting from following Colorado.  In the most basic sense, both are original MLS clubs trying to find their way to success; both are sticking  with coaches who, so far, have uneven records on that score.  The parallels jump out: will Sigi Schmid or Fernando Clavijo make it happen?  Who will get the sack first?  Will both men get the sack?  More immediately, though, I’m dying to know what both coaches will do between now and the regular season, because the clock has to be ticking on both of them.

Anyway, I’m still working on this.  I suspect I will be till after the New Year.  Do forgive my hasty selection of San Jose (who, dollars-to-donuts, will be better than Colorado in ’08).  But I’ll have this nailed down by the end of January.  But, as it now stands, I’m leaning toward a Columbus/Colorado pairing.  (Also in favor: their tags are adjacent to one another’s.)


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  1. You certainly won’t be called a winner picker for following the Rapids. An added bonus…visiting Denver is much better than visiting Columbus.

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