Distraction: My Latest Assault on the DP Rule (posted elsewhere)

As promised down below, here’s a link to the post I wrote for the swap with Starting Eleven.  My basic point is that the rule, by encouraging Major League Soccer teams to go “sexy” first, distorts the normal business of building a team.  I pick on DC United to do this; not out of hostility, but because the issue came to me as I weighed what I view as their problems against their latest, likely signing (see the first bulleted item).

I like the post well enough, but don’t think much about my ending…I panicked on deadline.

4 Responses

  1. So, given today’s rumors, do you think bringing in Cannon to replace a Europe-bound Perkins in addition to signing a world-class defensive midfielder would sufficiently shore up the DC defense? As you said, it was never a question of talent, the defensive players themselves are good.

    This move makes a lot of sense if Gomez is leaving.

  2. Hmm…now comes the downside of posting at the end of the day. I haven’t yet heard those rumors…studying them now (based solely on your notes)…

    The best I can say is, can’t hurt. I believe that Just having someone to bark at the defenders will help DC. Can’t say whether I’m correct on that or not till it becomes reality, but it’s an experiment worth trying…still thinking, though.

  3. Nevermind, sounds like that deal has fallen to crap for some reason. Back to As the Goff Turns…..

  4. […] ‘keeper trade that would send Joe Cannon from the Los Angeles Galaxy to DC United came via a commenter who goes by Goose (my gut-reaction to the trade follows). I don’t know who broke this one, […]

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