MLS Daily Sweeper, 12.12: Gimme a Boswell for a Cochrane

If I learned just one thing yesterday, it was that waiting till the afternoon only caused storms in my brain. Hence, the Sweeper returns to its normal date and time. Not that this affects anybody, but I’m also considering changing my online handle…more on that when I figure it out.

– Here I thought Steve Goff’s recap for the “real” Washington Post (that’s as opposed to the blog they run to satiate the 24-hour cycle) on yesterday’s madness drained the power of the trade whirlwind currently tossing about DC United. As it turns out, a little dust-devil spun off the mother storm, sending Bobby Boswell to Houston in exchange for their back-up ‘keeper Zach Wells and “a future draft pick.” This gives us one more fact on the ground than we had yesterday and, thus, something concrete to talk about. Bueno.

Part of me is sad I won’t get that live experiment I wanted that would compare DC’s defense with Joe Cannon in goal instead of Troy Perkins. On the upside, I get to replace that with finding out just how good a defender Boswell is. To lay down my marker, I think Boswell will do well in Houston’s back-line; that admittedly relies on the theory that the man only needed a little guidance back there, but I think we can all agree that the shit is tight on the Dynamo back line. And even if Boswell doesn’t replace Patrick Ianni outright, this gives Houston a pretty solid back-up. The bastards…

But there’s so, so much more going on with DC. Another Goff post has Perkins’ move abroad looking near-certain (the same post clocks reports that Guillermo Barros Schelotto might return to Argentina; you’d think this would deflate my interest in following the Columbus Crew, but nothing would be further from the truth; this actually makes them more interesting; sorry, long digression). And, if MLS Rumors can be believed (still haven’t run the percentages on that) we should be hearing, oh, today, that Juan Sebastian Veron will announce his intentions to leave Argentina’s Estudiantes for DC United; the rumor/report says more stuff will follow in short order, but let’s see how that first one goes. Perhaps now is when I start counting MLS Rumors’ reliability…

– DC isn’t the only club to which trade rumors have attached like some kind of remora. The Kansas City Wizards, along with the Colorado Rapids, are looking to sign Mexican forward Jared Borgetti. A word of advice to Mr. Borgetti: if you wish to score another goal in your life, sign with KC; by retaining Fernando Clavijo, the Rapids have opted to take up residence in Davy Jones’ locker for the near-term. By the way, Goff flagged this one, so it may have some legs.

– Speaking of KC, they got good news today: the “finance committee” for something or another approved (unanimously, no less) the development plan that includes a soccer stadium. The relevant full city council – presumably this is entity to which that finance committee is attached – will now vote on the plan tomorrow. So, I’m short on details. It’s enough that you know the news is good. Now, eat. You’re wasting away…

– Getting back to trades, the LA Galaxy has one in the works of their own: Celtic FC’s Polish forward Maciej Zurawski. I’m at least two days behind on this one…so, there you go.

– Somewhere in (yet) another Goff post mentions that the draw for the 2008 CONCACAF Champions Cup is on “Tuesday,” which I take to mean next Tuesday. I mentioned this yesterday, but it bears repeating: Pachuca might be a spent force; this means we only have to slip pre-game “roofies” to Atlante or somehow involve the team in a scandal with Spring Breaking co-eds. Watching the FIFA Club World Cup has me dreaming about watching an MLS club in next year’s edition. Let’s make it happen, people, whether our clubs are up for it or not.

– I’m not placing this nearly as high as I should, because Blue Blooded Journo’s post on the New England’s Revolution’s limitations should be required reading for anyone wanting to understand how they tripped over the final hurdle a fourth time in 2007. It’s a very educational read, especially portion on tactical depth.

– And, finally, some sleaze. The Offside Rules fills the sleaze stocking with two disturbing reports: one that makes me like David Beckham just a little bit more and another that fills me with so much embarrassment that I’m still conflicted on posting it. No, I have never done anything like what you’ll read, but…it could happen to anyone in a moment of deeply incautious stupidity. But my amusement is, at present, trumping my sense of sympathy. So, here it is.

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  1. I actually went to the FC Dallas board to get some soccer babe pics to bump those homoerotic Beckham photos off the Yardbarker/soccer front page.

  2. […] – Well, contrary to what was written in so many places earlier today (and on this site – wow – Wednesday; and the preceding ain’t a complete list, either) the deal to bring Juan Sebastian Veron to […]

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