Daily Sweeper, 12.14: Fun on the Rumor-go-Round…and it is fun, dammit

– Well, contrary to what was written in so many places earlier today (and on this site – wow – Wednesday; and the preceding ain’t a complete list, either) the deal to bring Juan Sebastian Veron to DC United is dead…for now. But I’d leave that last one in the big ol’, half-meaningless file titled, “Never say never.” Steve Goff has a bit of fun with readers in his autopsy report on the trade, but that misses the point. So…what’s the point? This is fun, dammit! This is the stuff daydreams are made of and, if nothing else, it gives us all something to talk about. What’s more wholesome than conversation ’round the ol’ virtual water-cooler? And, more to the point, figuring how and where a particular player fits in your team? That’s educational, man; it makes you think about how your team functions.

To be clear on this: I will shamelessly post rumors; I love the things. My policy on them boils down to rumor=good. I’ll mention the unconfirmed nature of what I’m passing on, but if you see MLS Rumors as my source, well, the title says it all. No sale is totally done till corporate – e.g. MLSnet.com – says it is. But don’t hide from rumors. They’re entertaining.

– Speaking of trade rumors, the Jared Borgetti to Kansas City Wizards/Colorado Rapids/Chicago Fire trade looks like it’ll go about as far in the end as the Veron thing did. Unlike Veron, however, I didn’t see much upside an a Borgetti deal. The man is 34 for crissakes. Yeah, I know. Blanco is about there too. Still.

3rd Degree had a decent piece today on player movement in and out of Big D. The “out” part of that seems the firmer: seems like they’re shopping Carlos Ruiz pretty widely, so I’m thinking they’re pretty serious about off-loading him. Also, check out where coach Steve Morrow is – and is not – going.

– Finally, seeing who Danny Califf selects as the three people he’d like to meet has grown my respect for the man. Sitting Bull, eh? Top-drawer.

OK, on to the Web junk now…

– I’ve never seen Zardoz, the old acid sci-fi pic starring Sean Connery. Now that I’ve seen a little more of Sean in the role, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to.

Best damn boots…ever.

– Knee-slapping this ain’t, but it’s pretty damn cool. A couple comic(-esque) artists set up a contest of odd superheros, each of them possessed with the power to negate that of the previous entry. It’s titled The Superest. Pretty clever (ht: b3ta.com)

– Don’t know how many fans of The Pixies are out there, but, like plenty of people, I liked ’em plenty back in the day. I knew them that Kim Deal was some kind of genius – even if not quite the genius that Frank Black is/was – but, in an blurb about why the Pixies won’t be putting out a new album, she said something recently that proves her genius remains intact:

“She’s a music fan who doesn’t want to hear new albums from bands she enjoyed years ago. ‘I heard the last Rolling Stones record was good,’ she explains. ‘The thing is, I don’t even care if it’s the best thing they’ve ever done, I just wouldn’t listen to it. And it’s not anything that they’re doing wrong. As a listener, I don’t want to hear about it. I like the Stones at this period of time that I like them, and that’s why I like them. Maybe I’m an elitist, but I don’t feel like I am.’”

OK…just a couple more.

– We all love Google, but it’s capacity for evil is limitless. This is fiction, by the way…but science fiction in the scariest sense.

– I can’t believe Wal*Mart sold this underwear.

– A suitable response to a typical tampon commercial.

Now…let’s see if I can embed these things. I have never been to DisneyLand and/or World. Nor have I visited EuroDisney. But I’d be more inclined to if, 1) It was a HELL of a lot cheaper; 2) it wasn’t crawling with freakin’ children (writes a father of two); 3) it had more cool shit like Tomorrowland…and places like you’ll see in the videos below (ht: Boing Boing)

3 Responses

  1. Trying out a new format to compete with Pink Is The New Blog I see. You have a long way to go before you can even hold a candle to the only blog I trust.

  2. Hmmm…don’t even know what Pink Is the New Blog is…um, is.

    OK, now I do. Good plug.

  3. “To be clear on this: I will shamelessly post rumors; I love the things. My policy on them boils down to rumor=good”

    I love this! I, obviously don’t want people spreading completely unsubstanciated rumors throughout the web, but I want to hear about all the rest of the rumors.

    One of the things that has always annoyed me about the soccer blog community is how people make statements like these in a blogs comments section “this blog is a waste because you got that trade wrong” or “this site is nothing but garbage because it posts rumors.” WTF?!?

    Now, making a story up, falsifying information, or just lying is shite and should be treated accordingly, but reporting on the rumors and possibilities in the league is what I expect and hope that soccerblogs will continue to do.

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