Hello Again My Friends

Long time no post around these parts.  I’ll be back here in full force in the coming weeks since I received a great new Christmas Present yesterday.


I’m the proud new owner of a bionic ankle, complete with pins, needles, anchors and some plate thingy.  I’m non-weight-bearing for 2 weeks then 6 weeks in a walking cast.  Yay. Note to you young kids still playing football, when you hurt something, go get it looked at, and take care of it young.

Now I can sit all day and blog and read about football since I have done nothing of the sort over the last three weeks with school.  I’ll be getting back to my La Liga Para Todos (much like the daily sweeper and EPL daily) and the one-liner guide to La Liga, and all of the other La Liga news that you can shake a stick at.

It’s good to be back.


One Response

  1. Ryan, get to postin’ ya gimpy bastard.

    Seriously, good to have you back.

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