My League is Better Than Your League


El Niño Fernando Torres came out today with a pretty bold statement today on ESPNSoccernet. Saying:

‘I would say football in England is better. It is more attractive than football in Spain, I would say, and certainly faster. ‘It’s more physical. The progress of the game is slower and there are a lot more fouls in Spain. The football here is more dynamic and it is more fun for the team and the individuals.’

So the former Atlético de Madrid striker is saying the EPL is a better league than La Liga. That seems like quite the comparison the young Spaniard is making, especially with all of his 5 months of EPL play under his belt. I’m not criticizing him for the comments, but it made me think: Is it really the case that the English league is better than the Spanish one?

When all is said and done, it is really an opinion that everyone has. Obviously, I don’t play in La Liga nor in the EPL, so I have no first hand experience at this. The only judgments I can make are from my own observations and feelings about the game in general. I’m not alone in thinking that La Liga is the best league in the world. Living in Spain on two different occasions has made me that way. Similarly, anyone having lived in England will tell you that the EPL is the best league on the planet, no doubt. The passion and energy that La Liga has in Spain is something that other leagues could only dream about having.

On the other hand, people in the states love the MLS, and feel that it is the best league in the world. Maybe not talent wise, but it is ‘our’ league in the States, and we should support it. If you see the supporters in Toronto, Dallas and Houston they’ll tell you they support the best.

So, which league is the best in the world? Is Ligue 1 > La Liga > Serie A > MLS > EPL > Bundesliga?? Each country has it’s own style of football, easily seen in competitions like the European Cup and the World Cup, when the US famously is known for knocking the long ball up to the forwards in hopes of burying one home. Every leagues style is what makes every league unique. I don’t think it’s a question of which league is better, but rather which league appeals more to you as a football fan.

I mean in the end, football is football, anyway you slice it.

(Editors Note: For the next few weeks, disregard funny sounding sentences, random sidenotes, and paragraphs that do not make sense as painkillers will do that to you)


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