The Eleven Best of 2007

With 2007 coming to a close, French paper L’Equipe has put together their annual 11 best players of the year.

The eleven players selected this year are:


Dani Alves–Vidic–Gallas–Evra

Kaka–Cesc Fabergas–Gerrard–C. Ronaldo

Drogba–Van Nistelrooy

League Breakdown:

Premiership-7 players

La Liga-2 players

Serie A-2 players

Who do you think got left out?  Didn’t deserve to be in there?

Simply based on the orgies, Cristiano Ronaldo is my player of the year.

La Liga Para Todos Dec 28-Muppets, Ronaldinho leaving and Transfer window

–Any article that begins with ‘Juan Soler is a Muppet‘ really gets my attention. The Valencia Offside does a great job of tracking all of the Che’s moves. With most of their legendary players getting the gate as of late, apparently some are not getting the pink slip, but rather will simply be left out of the lineup.

He held a news conference today at the Mestalla to explain to the world that David Albelda, Santiago Cañizares and Miguel Angulo aren’t sacked, they’re just riding the bench for now.

Uggh … this guy is the leader of the ship? We’re going down faster than the Titanic …

I have to agree with Cesar. When you have a player like Cañizares who has been at La Mesailla since 1998 and has been a driving force in the success of Valencia, you can’t just sit him on the bench. Just cut the strings and say goodbye. Valencia should give him the proper sending off that he deserves.

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Sevilla FC Supporters Club–Information Here and I’m Being Interviewed on Spanish Radio

The Asociación Sevillista Puerta de America (aka Sevilla FC Peña (or Penya))  is now up and running.  If ANYONE is interested, please shoot me an email at rjknapp19 at gmail [dot] com and I’ll email you back info and attach you to the mailing list.  Here is what’s new with us so far.

  • We’ve been approved for not-for-profit status meaning that we can be recognized now in the United States and have all of our ducks in a row so to say.
  • We are now collecting yearly dues, which are only $25 for the year.  This will allow us to get the website up and running (which I am currently designing at the moment) and also allow us to pay our dues so we can be a fully recognized ‘penya’.
  • The higher-ups at Sevilla FC are excited that we have formed a penya in the US and we are attempting to set up a videoconference with Jose Maria del Nido (president of Sevilla FC) to recognize our official opening and founding of the penya.
  • The Penya will be centered in NYC, but will have members throughout the US (e.g. Me, since I live in Buffalo NY, but we have a few strong members here so we will try to do our best in the B-lo).

On a personal note for me.  I’m being interviewed by Jesus Alvaredo, who runs a show on Sevilla FC radio called ‘Sevillistas por el mundo’ (Sevilla fans throughout the world) which follows all sorts of Sevilla fans who are spread out all over the globe.  He found my Sevilla site on ‘The Offside’ and contacted me about doing an interview about the blog and what it’s like being a Sevillista in America.  The date is still TBD, but it should be around the 11th of January.

I’m excited about this opportunity and can’t believe I’ll be interviewed by the club I religiously support.  When I figure out the date and time I’ll let everyone know.

EPL Daily 12.28: Dorman finds home in SPL? (I know, I know), Barton the Convict

CONVICT BARTON: Joey Barton has done it again. This time, I don’t feel like commenting. So there. This to go with terrible Newcastle form, Big Sam Allardyce teetering on the edge of unemployment…Newcastle really does have some sort of curse.

BIANCHI: Rolando Bianchi has hit out at English culture, cuisine, referees, and his teammates in his latest tirade. This time, however, he has made it clear he wants to return to Italy as soon as possible. Bianchi came over from Reggina in the summer and has made a decent impact despite being unsettled.

YOUTH SIGNING: Liverpool has started off their soon-to-be New Year preparing for their future. The Reds signed 16-year old Ross County star Alex Cooper for $200k. Is this another youth grab? Possibly but most of their noise was made this past summer with the signings of Alex Kaciniklic (Helsingborg), David Amoo (Millwall), Marvin Pourie (Borussia Dortmund), Ryan Crowther (Stockport), Kristzian Nemeth and Andreas Simon (MTK Hungaria), Nikolay Mihalov (Levski Sofia), Damien Plessis (Lyon), Mikel San Jose (Athletic Bilbao), Ronald Huth (Tacuary FC)…….you get my point??? Two are English. Cooper is Scottish.

ANDY DORMAN: St. Mirren of the Scottish Premier League are looking to lock up an 18-month deal with the Revolution’s Andy Dorman. Dorman’s past MLS season was one of roller coaster proportions. He started the year off with a bang coming off an even better 2006 season.

MAN CITY 2, BLACKBURN 2: Manchester City’s perfect home record dissipated after Roque Santa Cruz’s 84th minute put-away ruined it all. It wasn’t without controversy though – as the linesman originally called a non-active David Dunn offside but the referee waved it off as Dunn attempted to flick the ball on to Roque Santa Cruz, but never actually touched it. Santa Cruz scored, ending the perfect home record for Sven’s boys. Elano was dangerous when inserted with about 30 minutes to go. Citeh still sits in 5th heading into this Sunday’s clash with Liverpool. Former United man (D.C. that is) Ryan Nelsen had an own goal go in off him to give City the lead early in the game. Brad Friedel was rock solid in goal as he went the distance for the Rovers.