La Liga Para Todos Dec 28-Muppets, Ronaldinho leaving and Transfer window

–Any article that begins with ‘Juan Soler is a Muppet‘ really gets my attention. The Valencia Offside does a great job of tracking all of the Che’s moves. With most of their legendary players getting the gate as of late, apparently some are not getting the pink slip, but rather will simply be left out of the lineup.

He held a news conference today at the Mestalla to explain to the world that David Albelda, Santiago Cañizares and Miguel Angulo aren’t sacked, they’re just riding the bench for now.

Uggh … this guy is the leader of the ship? We’re going down faster than the Titanic …

I have to agree with Cesar. When you have a player like Cañizares who has been at La Mesailla since 1998 and has been a driving force in the success of Valencia, you can’t just sit him on the bench. Just cut the strings and say goodbye. Valencia should give him the proper sending off that he deserves.

—Ronaldinho is apparently talking to Italian clubs, yet again, and is rumored to be leaving, yet again. I’m at the point in this story where when I see him put the club shirt on, I’ll believe it. Remember when Dani Alves was all set and signed to Chelsea, but never left? I feel the same with this situation. AC Milan is on the block for the Brazilian, who would only have to bid around 35 million Euros ($55 million) to get him. Oh yeah, I forgot the £85 million ($170 million) release clause that has to be paid ontop of that. So, AC Milan are essentially looking at a $225 million signing.

I question if Ronaldinho is really worth it. His work ethic has been questioned as of late. I was surprised to see him start in the Clasico against Real Madrid on the 23rd as rumors were putting him on the bench. No one can doubt his skill, but the question is simply if he is worth $225,000,000? For a struggling AC Milan squad, I think their money could be better spent.

—January 1st bring about a New Year, and a new Transfer Window that could lead to big things in Spain. Clubs will be looking to get rid of former heroes and will throw gobs of money at up and coming stars. Check and their ‘Altas y Bajas’ page to see who is gone and who is coming.

—This break in the season, there have been some formidable 1-2 punches up front in the Spanish league. Sevilla’s Luis Fabiano-Kanouté is one of the best duo’s in La Liga. Aguero-Forlan at Atlético Madrid, Raúl, Rudd Van-Nistelrooy at Real Madrid and Tamudo-Luis García at Espanyol are a few of the highlighted groups in this article. I My vote would be for the Sevilla duo, with my obvious allegiance to the Andalucian club not withstanding, they are two of the most talented strikers in La Liga today.

La Palabra del día.

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad a todos!


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