LAST CALL! Happy New Year, Now Give Us All Your Info!

We’re at that point where there are enough readers here, we’d really like to know where you all from!

In the comments section, please let us know that as well as…

1. MLS Allegiance

2. World Club Allegiance

3. Pick for MLS Cup Champion 2008



35 Responses

  1. Laurie, Seattle Area.

    1. LA Galaxy, but it will probably switch to Seattle in 2009. (Shh. Don’t tell.)
    2. Ligue 1, especially Lyon, and the France NT.
    3. I think Chicago is due. Or RBNY.

  2. Ben, Washington DC

    1. DCU
    2. Like Laurie – Ligue 1, but Le Mans
    3. Chivas USA

  3. 1. Colorado Rapids, It’s a love-hate relationship
    2. Arsenal
    3. I can’t see the top from here…

  4. Jared, Colorado Springs

  5. Amanda, Durham, NC.

    1. Hm. Chivas, with a little bit of DC and Columbus. Because I like pain, and playoff choke artists.
    2. Liverpool.
    3. I’ll say Chivas, but I don’t believe it.

  6. Tabitha, Tulsa, OK

    1. New England
    2. Fullham (see #1 for explanation)
    3. New England (fingers crossed)

  7. Sarah, Detroit-Area, Michgan

    1. DCU
    2. Arsenal (laides and men)/AC Milan
    3. In my dreams it’s DCU, but I live in a fantasy land.

  8. Ryan, Buffalo, New York or Villacañas, Toledo España or coming this summer, Lublin, Poland

    1.Toronto FC
    2. Sevilla FC (We are going to win the Champions this season!)
    3. I’m hoping Toronto improves, but I’m betting on Chivas.

  9. 1. Chicago Fire
    2. Fantasy world Southampton Saints, reality FC Barca
    3. Chicago Fire with the double

  10. MLS- The Revs

    World – Arsenal

    MLS Cup 2008- NYRB (I just have a feeling)

  11. 1)Chicago Fire
    2)Fulham/Everton(i’m really split on this)/Hamburg SV,/Santos Laguna(Mexico)
    3)Chicago does the double

  12. DC United

    First and foremost: US MNT; also Fulham, Anderlecht

  13. 1. ’06 and ’07 MLS Champs Houston Dynamo

    2. Arsenal/Barca

    3. Houston goes for the Three-peat

    Not really asked, question 4. US MNT/ Mexico MNT

  14. Nick, Chicagoland Area

    1. Chicago Fire
    2. Juventus
    3. Chivas USA
    4. USA, Italy, Finland

  15. No shockers here:
    1. Houston Dynamo
    2. Celtic
    3. Dynamo (natch!)

    Have a great time this week!

  16. Whoops. Martek in Houston

  17. Brandon, Pittsburgh

    1. Columbus Crew
    2. Fulham
    3. DC United

  18. Jillian, Clevelandish.

    1. Columbus (and when they don’t make the playoffs, Chivas.)
    2. Werder Bremen, Fulham
    3. DC.

  19. Chris, Omaha

    1. Houston Dynamo

    2.Real Madrid will always be first, but Blackburn and Arsenal are an equally close second

    3. I just can’t see anyone beating Dynamo, DeRo is the man

  20. Tim Salt Lake City
    1. Real Salt Lake (or Portland Timbers when they join the MLS)
    2. River Plate, Santos, Barcelona, Werder Bremen, Leeds Utd.
    3. New England

  21. Salt Lake City suburbs

    1-Real Salt Lake
    2-Sydney FC
    3-New England

  22. Forgot my own,


    1. Red Bulls, waiting for MLS Philly
    2. Fulham, Everton, Lyon
    3. RBNY…but most likely not.

  23. From Arlington, VA

    1. DCU
    2. Fulham
    3. RBNY

  24. Atlanta, GA

    DC United
    Manchester United, Jaguares
    DC, but Houston still scares me

  25. Jeff, Portland, Oregon (soon to be Portland proper again…I think)

    1. Where clubs are concerned, call me a slut (e.g. I’m a shameless bed-hopper). I’m guided more by the teams I DON’T like: DC and LA. After that, gimme a couple cocktails and I’m anyone’s to take home. But I think the U.S. Men’s National Team is what really turns my crank in the end, hence this whole “free love” thing; whatever makes the U.S. men stronger – and that’s regardless of where they play (yes, even LA) – makes me happy.

    2. International clubs…hmm…I’ll take the underdog…in any game. There are some soft spots after that (clubs like Argentina’s Indepediente, Fulham for the USMNT angle, clubs with cool stories, etc.), but I watch international games with remarkable detachment.

    3. MLS Champs in 2008? Here’s a laugh: New England. Why? Because I just jumped off that ship and there’s no surer sign of impending success than that.

    See all y’all next year.

  26. 1. KC Wizards
    2. None
    3. KC Wizards

  27. Washington, DC (but originally from and eventually returning to Oregon)

    1. DCU, but my heart is with the Portland Timbers.
    2. Pumas in Mexico, Tottenham in England, St. Etienne in France
    3. No idea. Let’s say DCU for shits and giggles.

  28. Jeff.
    FYI, If you want to cheer for an underdog, Independiente is not one. They, along with Boca, River, San Lorenzo and Racing are considered the BIG 5 of Argenitine soccer. Lanus and Arsenal (and Estudiantes last year) would be more appropriate teams to earn your cheers based on their recent success despite their relative modest economic status. My personal favorite (other than River) based on their attacking, interesting play over the last 5 years (last temperada they fell on some hard times) is Velez Sarfield. They keep coming up with great players through their development system. Too bad they can’t hold on to them.

  29. MLS – Columbus

    World – Liverpool

    MLS Champs in ’08 – The Revs will figure it out!

  30. Thanks for the tip, timoteo. I know the Argentine league about as well as I know, say, Spanish – e.g. I’ve been introduced to the subject, but don’t know a whole lot. To give a little background, Independiente came to me after seeing them play, oh, five times. They had this aging midfielder (Garnero?) who, in spite of being not quite good enough for the hop to Europe, was pretty damn magical. In any case, the “underdog” rule is obviously somewhat subject to my ignorance of this or that league.

  31. 1) Houston Dynamo
    2) Houston Dynamo (What, they play internationally.)
    3) Houston Dynamo, unless 8 starters retire the day before the season starts, in which case they’ll be the runners-up.

  32. Currently located in Cheongju, South Korea

    1) NY Red Bulls
    2) Nagoya Grampus Eight (Japan), Daejeon Citizen (South Korea)
    3) NYRB (Gotta have a sense of humor about these things.)

  33. 1) Chicago Fire
    2) Napoli
    3) Houston Dynamo

  34. 1. Chivas USA …they’re one of the few MLS teams that don’t bore me.
    2. Cruz Azul – Mexico; Everton – EPL; Barcelona – Spain
    3. Chivas USA

  35. Originally from West Virginia but now living in Dallas, TX.

    1. FC Dallas (though I was originally a Tampa Bay Mutiny fan)
    2. Chelsea and Hammarby IF (Sweden)
    3. Houston

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