The Only Time I Will Do This (well maybe)

This is one of the rare times I won’t post about football on here. The other acceptable times are:

If the Bills make the playoffs
If the Sabres make the playoffs this year (God I hope so)
Since this is a football blog what better place than to post about football!


AMERICAN football that is! The only thing that gets me more fired up than a Sevilla game is OHIO STATE FOOTBALL!

If you don’t like it, then start your own blog, or just skip down to Breton’s last post (except that whole Liverpool v Luton thing thats just a LIE! They just wanted to play another game at Anfield this season) I’ll be back to normal football posting tomorrow.

People looking to post witty comments about their other schools, I’ve already pre-recorded responses.

Michigan-way to go 0-4 to us with Henne at the helm. You also lost to Appalacian State. Enough said.

Florida-Great game last season, but what bowl are you in this year? Oh yeah, you played Michigan in the Capital One Bowl. Well done.

LSU-I really don’t care, we’ll talk when the game ends.

Anyone who comments about our easy schedule-We only lost one game, it doesn’t matter. It’s not our fault the Big Ten was weak this year. We have to play in-conference games, so quit whining.


Buckeye Battle Cry (Ohio State’s Fight Song)

Script Ohio (one of the best college traditions out there)

Hang On Sloopy (played after the 3rd Quarter and randomly throughout the game when needed)



6 Responses

  1. I don’t care about recent history, Ohio State Sucks, Michigan rules. Overall rivalry record? Michigan leads the series all time 57-41-6.

    You need to win the next 16 games take over this series. Good luck Buckeye suckers.


  2. Haha, the way it’s going, by the time my kids end up at Ohio State, we’ll be up a few games.

  3. As a die-hard Michigan fan, it was tough for me to root for tOSU last night but given the choice between LSU and tOSU I choose my long time foe to root for. @hat happened? They got spanked by LSU…….Since the game is over I will now officially go back to hating all things Ohio related with a passion!
    GO BLUE!

  4. “LSU- I really don’t care. We’ll talk when the game ends.”

    So, what would you like to say? That your football team choked in two straight BCS Championship games? That your basketball team couldn’t beat Florida? That your soccer team lost in the College Cup?

    Just wondering.

  5. Yeah, it was a rough game. We did choke two years in a row. What can I say?

  6. You could say you give a rat’s ass what any Michigan fan says! At least the Bucks made it to the Championship game twice in a row and the undisputed best team in the nation going in. They were beaten, yes; they were beaten again, yes. But not by Michigan. These things happen. I would know because I’m an Oklahoma fan and we’re crap in BCS games over the last 5 years. But we’re always in them!

    LSU won’t be back next year, but OSU will be. (That may be a function of how much better the SEC is overral, but OSU deserved to be in the Championship and they’ll probably deserve it again next year). So long as USC doesn’t make it, I don’t really care who else face OU in Miami!

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