MLS: Comings, Goings, Stickings(?), and Some Thoughts

As a believer in honest competition, I’ll start by pointing to a couple other blogs who have turned out similar posts on trades; besides, I like both sites:

Who Ate All the Cupcakes
MLS Rumors

And, now, another take…and in the order in which the trade itself, or the surrounding situation, interests me:

– I like the potential signing of Mexican defender Duilio Davino for FC Dallas, though it’s less because of the player than the good vibes surrounding the “discussions about the future”:

Davino, 31, said money is secondary to him at this point. After spending 12 years in Mexico’s first division, he said his desire is to play in a foreign league.”

To think, when he thought “foreign” he chose our modest league.

Getting back to the player, I only know I’ve heard Davino’s name. But 3rd Degree’s Buzz Carrick did a little scouting (not a lot better than mine; he also mentioned another possible new arrival from Mexico; more later), as did Brucio from Du Nord; the latter’s thoughts (contained in the usual news-flood):

“[Davino] is a world class cheap shot artist. But very experienced. I am not sure why he is not signed with any team in Mexico. America released him last month and no one else picked him up. Odd. He is not that old at 31.”

My bottom line: this sounds like a good move for FC Dallas. Davino has a solid resume (a World Cup run with the Tri-Colores will do that) and, more significant for Dallas’ defensive needs, he has ample experience. Provided he’s not a total, locker-room melting a-hole, he should help.

– Mmm…I’ve got to go out of turn a bit, but Jose Said Godinez is the “other” Mexican player identified in 3rd Degree’s post; that one only names “a couple MLS clubs,” a null-set MLS Rumors fills (how credibly? Eh, who cares?) with the Colorado Rapids and Chivas USA.

A few thoughts here: 1) “Said?” Middle Eastern forebears by chance? Interesting but, I just hope he’s good; 2) Assuming he’s talking to the Rapids, I’m happy to have my first bit of Rapids’-related news for 2008 – and, given where he plays, he could make the Rapids more interesting; 3) that said, if Godinez asked my opinion, I’d tell him to go – no, scratch that – to run to Chivas USA; this is the Rapids we’re talking.

MLS Rumors also says that DC United might be fitting Argentions Junior forward Franco Niell for a jersey, a report to which gives credence (some? how much? I don’t know); they also give some notion as to why people call Niell “the Dwarf.” Let’s just say when DC’s people shop for jerseys they might want to inch over toward the juniors’ section:’s report lists him at “1.62 meters,” which, according to one place I checked (screw math; I’m lazy), amounts to 5′ 3″. I don’t think MLS has had a forward that, um, compact, since Anthony “el Pitufo” de Avila…do note how the other player in the image goes above Avila’s waist in spite of the fact that he’s sliding. Based on The Cupcakes’ report, DC isn’t risking too much on this one – and Buddha knows they need some depth at forward.

– Why don’t I care about Ramiro Corrales’ potential return? I do, on the other hand, feel sorry for his wife; add the cold to the expensive and I really don’t know why anyone lives in Norway. Anyway, it could be I just don’t remember the guy (I don’t), or it could be I’m pretty ignorant as to what Norwegians charge to let players out of their contracts.

Moving on, now, the the “stickings” portion – e.g. some notable players who are staying put. Given that these guys have played in MLS, I can rely on my own scouting, which I’m more comfortable doing anyway.

Carlos Marinelli will remain with the KC Wizards. I have to confess to mild surprise at this one – an equation that goes both ways. Marinelli started very well last year – in the early going, the Marinelli-to-Eddie Johnson hook-up looked almost automatic – but almost vanished by the 2007 season’s end when injuries and form saw him seeding a spot to Kurt Morsink – the #42 pick in last year’s draft. Still, There’s something about the whole thing, starting with the impression Marinelli wants to prove himself and that KC feels upbeat enough to give him a chance, etc. And as much as I laid into Johnson yesterday, one has to wonder who Marinelli will feed in 2008 assuming EJ goes abroad. Anyway, highly intriguing situation, probably has the most intriguing “X-Factor” of all the day’s news.

– When you don’t know what the hell is really going on, where do you go? Steve Goff’s place. He has the latest on Guillermo Barros Schelotto’s situation in Columbus (yah! My first Crew-related story of 2008!). Goff pegs Schelotto’s chances of staying put at 50/50. I’m torn on this one. Personally, and perversely, I kind of hope Schelotto goes. Why? It’d be more interesting to follow in a way. On the other hand, Schelotto is a great player to watch, probably one of my favorites from 2007. But I’d love to see what all the Crew’s “kids” would do without him….I’m thinking Lord of the Flies, but in yellow uniforms and in a more hospitable environment.


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