Whither MLSlive.tv?

Not to alarm anybody – least of all me – but the existence of Fox Soccer Channel (FSC) Broadband gets me wondering whether Major League Soccer (MLS) will um…produce? use? keep available? MLSlive.tv. I became quite (OK, entirely) dependent on that service last season and had a pretty positive experience with it (though it must be acknowledged that not everyone did…cough…cough…Laurie!…cough).

In any case, I’m looking at what FSC Broadband costs for their All-Access package – $49.95 – which isn’t bad. And I’m assuming they could just kick MLS’s content into the same package, thereby either sparing MLS the expense of running the service on their own or, God forbid, Fox would pay MLS for the content. Another thing to consider: MLSlive.tv cost only $19.99 (or was it $19.95) for the entire season, making that one of the best dollar-to-hours $20 I ever spent. $50 isn’t so bad either, but who wouldn’t rather pay $20 for something instead of $50.

A second possibility: these two video products could remain totally unrelated. Then again, if MLS could get FSC to pay for the rights they’d be kinda stupid to not take the money. Just something to think about…

Hat tip for pointing this out to me goes to The Offside Rules (LINK).


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  1. The way I read the page is that the $49.95 price is monthly. It doesn’t make sense to charge $50 for a year, and then turn around and charge folks $30 for a ten match package.

    So over the course of an MLS season (roughly April-October), you’d pay about $350.00, as opposed to $19.95 for a whole season of MLS pass.

    True, you get Champions League, UEFA Cup, EPL, etc, for that, but Setanta broadband has a yearly cost of $149.99, which if you buy, and then cough up 20 buck for the season of MLS.tv, you’re still way ahead of the Fox costs.

  2. Hmm…I poked around the site a bit and I’m not seeing a clear answer as to whether the ~$50 is per annum or per month. I dropped the help-desk monkeys a line to find an answer.

    As for the price set up, even MLSlive.tv was a little goofy on paper. I don’t remember the precise details, but I think they charged something like $1.99 or $2.99 for a single game, against the low, low $20 for the entire season. Whoa. Scratch that: it was $3.95 for a “day pass” – e.g. a one-time, 24-hour viewing window. Sound as your logic is – and I found it sound enough that I had to check – I think the idea is to push people to subscribe to the full package and I suspect FSC is doing the same thing.

    Besides, I can’t see how they’d expect to get $350 out of anyone for an online feed. That’s not only prohibitive, but I have yet to see a feed of sufficient quality to justify that price (NOTE: I use some pretty down-market tech).

    In any case, this doesn’t seem like a live issue. On the way to trying to find out how MLS set up their pricing in 2007, I came across a page that promises a return for the service in 2008. It turns out everyone loses their game in the off-season…

  3. If I didn’t have TVU Player and GOLTV on the TVU Player I would simply die.

  4. came along with money…

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