MLS Rumors Watch

A while back, I floated the idea of tracking MLS Rumors’ record for reliability – e.g. I’d check the rumors they report against the number of them that come true. With the off-season doing a number on me – as in, holy shit, something better happen or I better start mainlining trucker speed – I figure I’ll take up this project.

That said, I want one thing to be absolutely clear: I’m not doing this out of animosity to MLS Rumors; frankly, I love the site to death and never ever want it to go away.  How much do I like it?  If they emailed me and asked me not to track their reliability, I’d do it.  Bottom line: this has everything to do with curiosity…and killing time. The real question is how I’ll manage it on the days they run posts containing several rumors (e.g. this could die when I get…when I….what? Can’t recall what I was talking about…something about distraction?)

So, the reliability watch starts….now…or, rather, today with their latest report: John Spencer is new coach for the Chicago Fire.

We’ll see how that one pans out.


12 Responses

  1. i take everything from that site with a grain of salt and a shot of vodka

  2. Exactly! And that only makes it more FUN!!

  3. Please oh please Spenny don’t take the job. Hold out one more year as Clavijo continues to prove his incompotence and drives us into the ground as his contract expires. Forget about how the RFO screwed you over. Just remember that we the fans love you.

    ps I promise to name my first born son after you…

  4. My god. I think that is the best comment I have ever received. And you can’t go wrong with a name like John, right?

  5. J Five you got to be REAL happy about this new development…pony up the cash, rally the supporters and boot Clavijo, then you’ll have your Johnny Spencer

  6. […] Turns Down Fire; MLS Rumors: 0-1 (+ Ground Rules) With a thank you to commenter Arriaga, I can report that MLS Rumors record presently stands at 0-1. He, in turn, picked up the report […]

  7. We welcome this. We also love your blog and are avid readers of it.

    We are not a news site. We deal in rumors. Our goal is to be a central place on the net for the latest MLS gossip and place where people can anonymously drop behind the scenes info. We have contacts from interns in MLS to TV and radio commentators. But what really drives us are people leaving us tips.

    This is a way to take the edge off that MLS addiction during the long offseason.

    So with that in mind we provide the same kind of site that fans of the Mexican league and European leagues have had for years.

    Rumors Crew

  8. Kick ass…on all counts. Big fan of the site…keep it up. Besides, given the title you chose, it’s hard to see why anyone would get upset when a rumor doesn’t pan out.

    One thing though: if you could drop me a line about the logic behind your rating system – e.g. whether the ratings speak only to the existence of discussions or the likelihood of said rumor coming true – I’d much appreciate it.

  9. Also a big rumors fan, and I’m a reporter in real life, so I’m well aware of the odds of it being right or wrong most of the time.

    But I think you should add to your challenge by also tracking the transfer gossip daily from (which rounds up the UK press’s transfer gossip in one column) to give MLS Rumours a benchmark (and, given what top football writers are paid in england, a bloody expensive benchmark at that.)

  10. Ah, Jloome, you have yet to make the acquaintance of my laziness. I couldn’t figure a good system and didn’t want to commit the site to clocking rumors. So, I gave it up. I have no excuse…

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