I Never Thought I’d Say This: Pull the Plug on Superliga

Count Pat Walsh’s lament about the 2008 schedule just the latest in a long line of fretting about the gauntlet through which Major League Soccer (MLS) drags its players – and short of personnel, at that. Walsh’s piece isn’t much better or worse than anyone else’s, but I’d credit his for finishing the cumulative effect of all those other articles for what comes below.

The Superliga has to go. OK, perhaps that’s too strong. Let’s just say the Superliga really should go. If you wander deep into the archives of this site – I’d recommend July – you’ll see I’m a big fan of Superliga and generally view it as a bang-up idea. But with CONCACAF going to a league format for the regional club championship, it slips down a couple notches…to somewhere around cruel and unusual.

Barring major and – this is big – meaningful changes to the size and quality of MLS rosters, the league is priming all of us for some severely exhausted and sub-par soccer this summer. The Champions Cup will provide games against Mexican (and, better yet, other) clubs in games that count and that without requiring $1 million to keep bone-weary players running. Walsh proposes an out that could provide some relief – e.g. divvying up the job flying the MLS flag in Superliga among the league’s, um, lesser teams – but I’d argue that’s just straining to hold onto a concocted, even a redundant, tournament. So far as I’m concerned, the Champions Cup renders the Superliga redundant; add other tournaments – the Open Cup, to name one – and the whole set-up becomes unduly burdensome.

So, yeah, pull the plug on the thing.

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  1. […] an MLS team takes the field in the Copa Libertadores…a move I wholly endorse…provided we kill Superliga…which, according to MLS Rumors’ write-up, may yet become MLS clubs’ entry point […]

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