Spencer Turns Down Fire; MLS Rumors: 0-1 (+ Ground Rules)

With a thank you to commenter Arriaga, I can report that MLS Rumors record presently stands at 0-1. He, in turn, picked up the report that John Spencer turned down the Chicago head coach’s job from the Houston Chronicle. (Here’s something interesting: I came across a Daily Southtown article, one dated January 10 (e.g. today…right?), has Dynamo CEO Chris Canetti still waiting on Spencer’s decision. Still, the Chronicle gets word direct from Spencer; looks pretty solid.) And, it has to be said, the reason Spencer gave is 1) sensible and 2) really gets you wondering about the Chicago organization*:

“‘(Tuesday) I got offered the job in Chicago, accepted it and sat down to try and negotiate a contract, but we couldn’t come to terms,’ Spencer said. ‘It wasn’t much more money than I (was making) here with the Dynamo, and I felt that to move my family to another state and all the upheaval and such, I just didn’t think it was worth it, so I turned it down.”’

One last note: MLS Rumors rated this rumor at 5, a number to which they attach the phrase “very good.” I haven’t yet thought through how I’m going to cope with the site’s rating system. I have at least one rumor in the hopper (Freddy Grisales to New England) carrying a 3 rating, which apparently equates with “possible.” I don’t think I’d ding ’em for that one, which strikes me as simple information sharing. So…let’s say any rumor rated 4 or higher enters the record…and I’ll be updating that shortly in a separate post.

So, given the above criteria – e.g. they attached a 5 to this rumor, a ranking they seem to attach to sure-ish things; and given the verb used (“your new coach is John Spencer”) – this one goes down as a miss. To float a theory, however, I’m guessing word reached MLS Rumors that the Fire had offered Spencer the job and they figured he wouldn’t turn it down…didn’t count on Chicago being cheap, I suppose.

* UPDATE: Getting back to the wondering about Chicago, I’m not just talking about them trying to low-ball Spencer – or at least offering something that Spencer regarded as low-balling – but something bigger that J Hutcherson alludes by way of saying who he (and I, to be fair) should have got the job: Dennis Hamlett.  Anyone they now offer the job to knows they’re second choice, but that’s something else again where Hamlett is concerned.  At this point, I wouldn’t blame him for telling the Fire FO to take a running jump at a flaming knife.  Unless there’s something I’m missing, this rivals Sunil Gulati’s coaching search for ham-handedness.

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