Mathis to Ergo…wait…Ergoto…hold on, I can get this…Ergotopolis…no…

OK, I think I have it now: Clint Mathis is heading to Ergotelis FC, or, as someone put it (this guy, in fact) the “other team” from Crete. Now, what the fuck is Ergotelis FC? And I don’t mean that in a bad way: in the LA Galaxy’s BG era (that’s “Before Goldenballs”), I’m pretty sure some Ergotelis fan would have written, “Now, what the fuck is the LA Galaxy?”

What to make of this? Well, here’s what fans from the LA Galaxy’s Riot Squad thought of the move (hat-tip to Nick Green for the link). Speaking for myself, I’m still a fan of Mathis’ – as, apparently, were quite a clutch of Riot Squaders. As for where he’s headed, I dunno, Greece is Greece. For me, the Greek first division is Olympiakos, Panathanaikos and a collection of nameless teams I play on FIFA whenever a wild hair sneaks up my ass. I only know what I read – in this case, that Ergotelis is somewhere near or at the bottom of the Greek first division. On the other hand, it’s Europe and Greece’s big teams ain’t pushovers….so far as I know, that is (when, oh when, does the UEFA Cup start again?).

Given all that, will the move work for Mathis? Like SF at The Offside Rules (see link under “this guy” up top), I’m dubious as to what the Mediterranean sun will Clint’s work ethic. No, I’ve never been, but unless movies like Summer Lovers and books like The Little Drummer Girl are lying to me, life in Greece is a string of orgies washed down with sangria and ouzo on the beach, an atmosphere that I can’t help but think Clint – even the older, wiser model – will find distracting.

That said, I’d go in a fucking heartbeat if I were Cletus. With his national team days probably over, why not wind down someplace totally friggin’ killer? So, god speed, Cletus. You keep running with the devil and hope the angels can’t keep up.


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  1. I can’t believe a)you just made a Summer Lovers reference, and b)that I’m impressed by it.

  2. The product of many, many nights watching The Movie Channel after hours…and, christ, did they show that one again and again.

  3. […] specifically, to Maccabi Tel Aviv.  Not to bag on the Israeli league (as I may have done to, say, the Greek First Division…at some point), but this is not one of the regular destinations for players looking to […]

  4. Well, It is kinda funny to check out again and again that American people see nothing, 2 inches away from their noze, but still they talk like being the fuckers of the world.. Ergotelis ladies and gentlemen was the first to win on the ancient olimpic games. (Well, I suppose at least you should know olympic games from ancient Greece’s history, not only from coca cola and Mc Donalds). The team took the name after him.Plus, Crete is MUCH MUCH more than what you describe, ouzo and orgies (thats the Crete YOU dream every time you come here and do whatever you are shame to do in your homes). Open a book to see what Crete really is, It would takes pages for me just to refer. Anyway, Clint is a great player, with great History and I am glad he plays for Ergotelis…

  5. I’m well aware Crete has a rich history – predating the Mycenean culture, ruling the Achaean for a good long while, exacting tribute from the Grecian city-states that would later dominate classic Grecian culture. I’m also confident it’s a lovely place today filled with wonderful people engaged in the entirely ordinary business of living and working and that said people break down into the “orgy and ouzo” crowd and the straight crowd much as they do in the rest of the world.

    The post is a joke. The Summer Lovers piece was a play on precisely the ignorance you describe (and you should watch that movie, but only if you come to it with your sense of humor intact). Leave it to Europeans to think Americans are too stupid to make fun of themselves.

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