…the horror…the horror…

I hope this it doesn’t get stuck like this.

UPDATE: See the comments, people. The long, horrible wait may be at an end.

UPDATE: I’ve found a couple work-arounds since posting this.  Some are, oh, slightly labor intensive….not much different, in fact, than just shopping around individual media outlets sites (e.g ESPN, Fox Soccer Channel) and reading their individual schedules.

Then again, I found a nice, one-stop spot on the site mentioned in the field below – – that does pretty well.

Anyway, hope this helps.  With down, I’m getting an awful lot of hits on this post, so may as well make it worth folks’ while.


11 Responses

  1. Ouch. Still nothing promising on my end. I’m guessing no luck for you either in the search for a successor.

  2. try or

  3. led blimp, you are a saint. I’ll update on the site in a bit, but, for those checking here, I got something that looked useful (and I emphasis the word looked, because I haven’t yet poked around) by typing

  4. […] of Posted on January 18, 2008 by Jeff Thanks to a comment left by led blimp, it’s possible the predecessor to is up and running.  Even this isn’t […]

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  6. Try this site is incredible, it not only shows you the TV agenda but links to watch and listen to games over the internet!!!

  7. Im lost without my DAILY listings !!!!!

    Oliver …. burn in the depths of Hell !!!!!

  8. I thought Oliver was the man.

    But he sold out, got his $$$ and he didn’t care about anyone else — typical!!! Thanks for nothing Oliver!!! is ok, will have to do.

  9. doesn’t offer jack crap for things like international coverage on stations like RAI Intl or RTPi. Which is precisely what I used for.

    You have to be an idiot not to know where to find what’s on for things like the EPL or Champions League or what’s on FSC or ESPN. For that reason, is useless to me.

  10. Jesus. Testy man. Still, I understand the pain. I mainly miss the one-stop shopping I got from soccertv. Yeah, I know where to find it…it’s just not as easy.

  11. Agree with Jett Bull completely…

    The one-stop shop was what did it for me, and also competitions were updated 15 days in advance for you… When my cable box doesn’t tell me what games ESPN will show for CL, I know they will show “something”, I need to go to one place and find out… (Simple example of this past week)…

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