TRANSFERS: Klinsmann to Bayern, Anelka signs for Chelsea

JURGEN KLINSMANN: The former German national team coach has come out of hiding and spurned speculation that he would take over for Rafa Benitez at Liverpool. Instead, starting in July – Klinsmann will focus his efforts on returning Bayern Munich to dominance in the Bundesliga and Europe. Ottmar Hitzfeld is set to step down at season’s end.  Munich is at the top with company – Werder Bremen keeping pace and HSV 4 points behind.

NICOLAS ANELKA: $30 million is what it took in the end as Bolton’s French striker and leading scorer is out the door to Stamford Bridge. It is Avram Grant’s first signing in charge of Chelsea and there’s no doubt this will be a good one – Anelka seems to have found his old stride (Arsenal days) after bouncing about for a good 10 years. Maybe the years have tempered him. Either way, Anelka should provide support for Shevchenko in the goalscoring department and his signing was almost a necessity for Grant as Chelsea are nursing stars John Terry and Frank Lampard, missing four in Kalou, Drogba, Mikel and Essien to the African Nations Cup, and dealing with a somewhat suspect backline. Anelka’s department of scoring goals – if efficient – could jumpstart Chelsea to a second-half run. Chelsea currently sit in 3rd – six points behind the leaders.

Other key transfers so far today: Liverpool finalized the signing of Slovakian defender Martin Skrtel for $9 million; Derby captured it’s fourth in Tottenham wantaway midfielder Hossam Ghaly (on loan)

And yes, we have heard that Clint Mathis is on his way to Ergotelis of the Greek SuperLeague on top of Clarence Goodson to IK Start in the Norwegian second division (Adeccoligean). I’m sure my colleague Jeff will have something to say about that. Eddie Johnson’s transfer prospects have taken a hit as well with Peter Vermes saying that no new bids have been tabled for the striker since Derby last summer.


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  1. I just dragged myself out of bed and am not fully awake yet, but you have made my entire day with the Anelka news. I have wanted a Champions League team for Nico for over a year — he has worked so damn harad to redeem himself and his reputation — and yesterday it looked like both teams were too busy playing hardball to make it happen. Color me happy. I’m going to celebrate with coffee.

  2. Okay, I cant say I am too familiar with Scandenavian (can’t even spell it!) by how on earth is playing in the Norwegian Div 2 a better opportunity for Goodson than playing in MLS???
    Is it just because its European? Is MLS really that far off the radar?? Can the money really be better???
    I knew he was interested in Europe, but crap, he’d rather play Div 2 than MLS?


  3. Couldn’t agree with you more Laurie – he has finally come full circle and will get his chance to shine. I’m expecting big things out of him the rest of the year – he’s the kind of guy you don’t want on a team like Chelsea, because with the proper support or he’s dangerous as all hell.

  4. Lee:

    Only thing I can say is yea he’s probably making more than the 48k he would have gotten at FCD (he probably could have expected 60m or so at San Jose), but also, IK Start was in the UEFA Cup in 2006. They slipped badly last year because of injuries, bad transactions, etc and finished 13th. They will most likely gain promotion and be back in the 1st Division before you know it. In terms of money, I can’t see him making more than 125k-150k, but that’s a pretty significant increase but what we should really be talking about here is quality of life…a guy used to Dallas in Norway? Hmmm…

  5. He watched Sicko and he’s going to Norway for the healthcare.

  6. I hope Anelka can be a good partner for Sheva.

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