Is Iker Casillas the Best Keeper In The World?

There are two hot topics for debate right now in Spain.  The first, The Marcha Real (Spanish National Anthem) now has lyrics.  Some politicians say they ‘stink’.  Others like the new words.  The choice is yours.

The second and more important item for discussion is simply this:

Is Iker Casillas the best keeper in the world???

Normally these types of ‘Who’s Best?’ questions and lists turn me off for the simple fact that you can constantly argue that one player is better than another for a majority of reasons such as what league the player is in, what time frame, what position, etc.

However, I’ve watched the last couple Real Madrid matches (Thank you TVU Player and GOLTV) and I must say that Iker Casillas is simply spectacular in goal.

(I apologize for the horrendous Techno/Euro-pop music, really I do)

Casillas is currently holding a shutout for the last 468 minutes, through the last 5 matchdays in La Liga.  He has surpassed his personal best by about 100 minutes and currently is closing in on the Real Madrid record 468 minutes set by Alonzo in the 1958/59 season.  He is still shy of the La Liga record 710 minutes set in 1997/1998 by the recently benched Santiago Cañizares.  In order to break that record he will need clean sheets against Atlético, Villarreal and Almería.

Iker Casillas is a keeper that can change a game.  In a ever changing game that focuses more and more on strikers like Pato and Kaka, some new fans to the game don’t realize how important it is to have a keeper in net. Casillas epitimizes what a great keeper should be.  He takes charge in the back, holding his back four accountable for their mistakes.  He is extremely quick and agile and has a knack for getting to balls at the last minute.  He controls rebounds and also parries balls to the side or over the bar, not leaving and garbage goals for defenders.

He also dates 2003 Miss Spain winner Eva Gonzalez.

At 26 years old, the young Spainiard will be around for years to come.  Rumors had him leaving Madrid and going all over the world, but today on MARCA headlines proclaim ‘I want to play until I’m 38’.  He also expressed in the same interview his desire to become President of Real Madrid and to coach the youth program when he is done.

He also is a stand up guy.  In a past interview on Spanish TV station ‘La Sexta’ Casillas talked about his shy nature and his first purchase as a professional footballer.  (See Below)

So what do you think?  Is Casillas the best keeper in the world?  If not, who is?  Czec? Buffon?

My vote is with the Spaniard.

“Real Madrid has taught me many values”

Iker Casillas was the special guest on Spanish television station La Sexta’s new program, ‘Habitación 623,’ hosted by Olga Viza. The Real Madrid goalkeeper was asked a series of questions by various people that included Iker’s brother Unai Casillas, Arantxa de Benito, Pipi Estrada, Enrique Cerezo, Manuel Amieiro and Trinidad Jiménez.

Are you shy?
Very! I have difficulty opening up to people. Once I’ve gained some confidence, I let myself go.

How does a football player become a star?
Of course a star has to be great on the pitch, but you also get to know players other ways: the press, television, commercials, etc. Someone who plays great football is a star, but he also has to have everything else. Beckham is a great example.

Does your personal life affect the way you play football?
Of course. We’re all human and we have our weaknesses.

How do you celebrate when you win?
I make a fool out of myself and I don’t worry about.

What did you think about when you went to training sessions with the first team in your Renault 19?
I was fine with it, but it clashed with all the nice cars. I was too happy to even care.

What do you do after losing?
I go home and don’t want anything to do with anyone. I lose myself.

What do you do with your gloves after matches?
I save them for the next match until they tear.

What’s your relationship with the press like? Have you learned anything from them?
They can tell you a lot. It’s hard for a football player to be friends with a journalist, but I don’t have anything to hide from anyone. I’ve been friends with journalists since I started in the Under-16 NT.

What was the first thing you bought when you had enough money?
I bought a house for my parents and a car for myself.

What Atlético de Madrid player would you like to act in a movie with?
I get along with the whole team. Fernando Torres, Pablo, Antonio López, any of them.

What do you think about Atlético de Madrid fans?
We have the best fans so why would I want other ones? That said, Atleti has great fans.

Is your character based on the values you have learned since starting with Real Madrid when you were small?
Absolutely! It’s been the philosophy that I’ve been taught since I first began. I’ve learned many values. I’ve learned that many people depend on my performance, for example. I feel sorry for the thousands of fans when we lose.

What are your thoughts on all the years of hard work and dedication?
I have to be thankful because I’m here today thanks to that hard work.

You’re very committed to your city.
That’s correct. I like to remember my roots. It’s about helping those kids from my town so they know that hard work pays off and they can do anything they set their minds to.

You do realize you’re many people’s idol, don’t you?
I know there are lots of kids that look up to me and it makes me really proud. When they have their pictures taken with me, I put my hand on their heart and it’s beating so fast.

Are you embarrassed when you get scored against?
I get mad, not embarrassed.


17 Responses

  1. I completely agree with you Ryan. Iker is truly awesome and a joy to watch play.

  2. Hands down.

  3. i agree with you..iker casillas is definitely the best..he is a great keeper, humble, generous, loyal..he is just amazing…he is the whole package and i hope he remains as a madridista forever

  4. Boruc is a much better keeper than Iker
    Iker is to small

  5. casillas the best

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  8. well .. he is defenetly the best goalkeeper in the world ,, yes he is ,,, our lovely goalkeeper

  9. Iker Casillas is no doubt the best goalkeeper in the entire world!! YOU ROCK, IKER!!!

  10. iker cassilass is the best keeper in the world he keeps for spain and spain r the best country in the world

  11. Iker you are simply the best.
    I’m so proud to have you as my idol,spirit and my HERO and inspiration.

  12. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyes of course he is the best

  13. iker casillas is the best goalkeeper in the world because of his performance in the goal. he play behind the defence when there is a mistake and presently, he is FIFA World Best GoalKeeper. iker casillas i love you and hope to see you in person. i am your #1 fan in my country liberia.

  14. Ive truly liked reading your blog posts. You obviously know your material. I also really like it that your site is so simple to navigate. I have bookmarked it in my favorites and will for sure be back for more.

  15. He’s just proved it by captaining Spain to winning the World Cup and also in the European Cup! He’s gorgeous!

  16. I totally agree with Sarah!

  17. Iker ur the best and the best of mine….we love

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