MLS: An All-Latin* Trade Orgy!!

(* Assuming I botched the usage, could someone hep me to the proper term for all persons of Mexican/Mexican-American/Central American descent?)

Holy pre-SuperDraft trading, Batman! Between the one player who we all thought would go (Carlos Ruiz to LA) and two that came out of left field – Nick Garcia to San Jose for the #1 pick and, this second one is in the works, Jose Burciaga Jr. to the Colorado Rapids for an “undisclosed pick” (see down at the bottom). Well, those last two came out of left field for me, anyway.

So, I’ll kick this around below in the order I find them significant. Continue reading

First Talk of the Sweden Friendly + Who I’d Play (Ready the Wild Hair!)

While we’re all obsessing over players we barely know (OK, maybe only I am), the little matter of this Saturday’s international friendly between the U.S. Men’s team (viva los Yanquis!) has slipped under the radar.

Fortunately, a couple outlets are pulling it back on-screen today. Sure, there was always, but that’s a given. An offering from January 14 nailed down a 26-man pool of eligible/present players. And, yeah, there’s the Yanquis’ team blog, but that’s, oh, 80% bum-fluff.

Given that, I was pleased to see the talking-point-friendly article by Nick Green in The Daily Breeze. I’m mainly referring there to mention of players I’d like to see – guys like Dasan Robinson, Marvell Wynne, and Ramiro Corrales – that gets me thinking. Add in the fact that Sweden will likely bring, um, something other than their best team – as revealed in’s Sweden primer – and this is what I’d trot out by way of a (highly experimental) roster – and let’s do a 4-4-2:

GK: Steve Cronin (what the hell? I’ve never seen him play…and they did invite him)

D (right-to-left): Wynne, Jimmy Conrad, Michael Parkhurst, Ramiro Corrales (is he even left-footed?)

M (right-to-left): Justin Mapp (yeah, I know, I know), Maurice Edu, Kyle Beckerman, Brad Davis (one of my bigger man-crushes, by the way)

F: Taylor Twellman, Josmer Altidore (give it a whirl).

And substitutions would be used liberally – e.g. Drew Moor in for Wynne (I like the idea of a defender with a good cross working the right with Mapp cutting inside); Chris Rolfe in as a scheming mid behind the forwards (kick back Beckerman, pull Edu); or see how Pat Noonan does wide right, etc.

Anyway, you get the idea: when playing Scandinavian B-teams, have fun with the roster and hope for a repeat of 2007’s opener against a similarly consituted Danish side. Surprise me, Bob.

Revs Shopp Noonan; Irk Twellman?

So, The Boston Globe reports this morning that the New England Revolution declined to pick up the option on forward Pat Noonan’s contract, a move I have a couple reactions to. Chief among them, are you trying to push me away, Mr. Kraft? I know I’m headed toward the door, but this, getting rid of my favorite Rev…well, that’s just cold, even gratuitously so. Look at me when I’m talking to you, dammit!

But my reaction isn’t all that important to either the Krafts, or, obvioulsy, New England’s chances. You know whose reaction does count? Taylor Twellman’s. And, from what I hear, he’s a grumpy boy these days, what with Major League Soccer (MLS) and/or the Revolution front office standing in the way of a move abroad. And there are two troublesome factors at work in the Revs’ decision to let Noonan go. First, from what I gather, he and Twellman are close – possibly even very close.  Between the contract issue and some other stuff I don’t believe in mentioning (oh, but I’ll allude to it, won’t I?), let’s just say Twellman is going through some shit and probably likes having a close friend around. Second, and this is more speculative, the Revs are giving Noonan his shot at going abroad – aka, pouring salt and rubbing alcohol into Twellman’s semi-forced confinement in Boston. Continue reading

My Interview with Jesus Alvarado

A few people have asked me about my interview on Sevilla FC radio. I uploaded it and put it into a video, since that is really the only way to do it.

The interview took place last Friday with Jesus Alvarado, one of the most respected Sevilla FC followers and bloggers out there. He runs his own blog at Jesus Alvarado and also is the president of the Sevilla Supporters Club ‘Hasta La Muerte

The interview was about 30 minutes long, complete with me getting cut off twice due to the snow. The interview is in Spanish, but give it a listen. It really was an honor to interview with Jesus on his show and hopefully I’ll be invited back again.