Revs Shopp Noonan; Irk Twellman?

So, The Boston Globe reports this morning that the New England Revolution declined to pick up the option on forward Pat Noonan’s contract, a move I have a couple reactions to. Chief among them, are you trying to push me away, Mr. Kraft? I know I’m headed toward the door, but this, getting rid of my favorite Rev…well, that’s just cold, even gratuitously so. Look at me when I’m talking to you, dammit!

But my reaction isn’t all that important to either the Krafts, or, obvioulsy, New England’s chances. You know whose reaction does count? Taylor Twellman’s. And, from what I hear, he’s a grumpy boy these days, what with Major League Soccer (MLS) and/or the Revolution front office standing in the way of a move abroad. And there are two troublesome factors at work in the Revs’ decision to let Noonan go. First, from what I gather, he and Twellman are close – possibly even very close.  Between the contract issue and some other stuff I don’t believe in mentioning (oh, but I’ll allude to it, won’t I?), let’s just say Twellman is going through some shit and probably likes having a close friend around. Second, and this is more speculative, the Revs are giving Noonan his shot at going abroad – aka, pouring salt and rubbing alcohol into Twellman’s semi-forced confinement in Boston.

A final point of interest centers around Noonan going abroad. The Globe article seems fairly deliberate in how it characterizes his options: specifically, the phrase “making him a free agent who can negotiate with teams outside Major League Soccer” recurs through the piece. I was hoping the Revs’ official site would shed some light on this arrangement, but, at time of writing, it’s not so much as acknowledging Noonan’s situation. I suspect this has to do with MLS’s general rules about player movement, specifically the passage about “options not picked up”:

“A team retains the right of first refusal to the player indefinitely only if attempts were made to re-sign the player.”

Wow…and I’m talking about the word in bold. The Globe piece gets Revs’ director of soccer, Mike Burns, on record as saying the team hopes to keep Noonan, but they don’t seem all that eager do they? And, even if he’s rolling with it, Noonan himself seems a little blind-sided.  The man has his injury problems, to be sure, so maybe that’s what the Revs are banking on to keep him in Boston. Those injuries might allow for a re-negotiation of Noonan’s contract, but I’d be a bit shocked if that was possible.  At the same time, I’m also having a hell of time figuring the length of the terms, though a post on Blue Blooded Journo describes it as a “long-term deal.” Makes me think they’re stuck paying what they promised, but do miss these things sometimes.

Anyway, this isn’t my favorite move. Kind of makes me glad I’m not paying attention to these cats this year (oh, we’ll see Mr. Bull…we’ll see). Though what happens with Twellman in what could very well be the coming summer of his discontent does bear watching.

4 Responses

  1. Explains why they won’t let Twellman go, really. With Dorman and Noonan out the door, who else besides Twellman could score reliably? Cristman? He’s no good without a setup man, which both Dorman and Noonan were.

    Laurentowicz’s developmntn at D-mid may allow Joseph to think more offensively, but sweet jeebus do the Revs look cynical at the moment, both in terms of their front office and the on-field product.

    I also assume that by declining to pick up the option that Noonan is entirely a free agent. I can’t imagine him resigning for less with NE unless he & TT are best buds and Pat is the kind of stand-up guy who would give up the $ just to support a friend. They both are from St Louis.

    However, If I were one Frank Yallop, I would be looking in the direction of one Pat Noonan in a heart beat. After all, even Coach Bradley thinks there is a certain… “cleverness” to his game on the USNT level.

  2. Man, I feel for Jimmy Chowda right now as that team looks like it is coming apart at the seams. I just don;t think there’s any way for Twellman to feel at all happy going into this season, and if Noonan’s gone as well… Wow. It’s almost as if DCU has agents up there in New England and just when the Rev fans think all has quieted down, these secret agents make something else happen. Right now, I don’t just think DC will take the East. I think they might mathematically eliminate everyone by July!

  3. I got the scoop on where Noonan’s headed:

  4. That is just beautiful. Everyone really should read the above link.

    And I knew – I just KNEW – those cats were Scandis.

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