La Liga: Crazy Drunk Irish Crown Real Madrid 2008 La Liga Champs

Having dated a hard-core Irish girl for quite some time, I’ve seen some crazy Irish do some crazy things.  But this group of Irish may just take the cake.

Paddy Power the largest Irish Betting Agency claim the La Liga title is already signed, sealed and delivered this season, barely after reaching the half-way point.

Paddy Power has already paid out all of it’s bets for Real Madrid to win La Liga this season,according to Spanish paper 20 minutos (which is Free in Spain and my daily reading while sitting in class).   They assure in the article that they have ‘not lost their head’ but rather ‘Our analysts and statistics know that Real Madrid will win La Liga’.

I agree that the Madridistas are in great position so far, sitting 7 points clear of Barcelona.  That doesn’t mean a collapse isn’t possible, nor that a dangerous Barcelona team can’t finally put together a run and challenge for the title.

Can you really predict a Real Madrid victory this season?  Sure they are playing extremely well, but this is simply insane.  The company also ensures that if Real Madrid do not win the title they will not ask for their pay-outs back.

Chalk up another victory for the crazy Irish.


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